Monday, June 18, 2012

SS501's Young Saeng life story of his father

"Young Saeng Since high school, he became more mature and he like a brother. Sometimes he will talk back to me. "

Children who go to play at the station.

Heo YoungSaeng is not really an introverted and quiet child. Although a good relationship with his school friend, but because he is an only child so he does not talk much at home.

"I'm a Christian, so therefore no influence on YoungSaeng name. In his childhood, YoungSaeng loves to sing. Approximately 4 years old, when he was on his way home on the school bus, on the way he is playing the radio while listening to the song Park NamJung, YoungSaeng sing while dancing. After we got home, I realized he was singing better than I thought so at times I took it to the karaoke to practice, of course we did not tell her mother. "

Every time he joined his father as a script writer for TV shows to television stations, he seemed to not want to go everywhere. He even collected signatures variety of artists such as Kangta and Shin & SeungHun be compiled into a book. Maybe that's why, Heo YoungSaeng love music and there are similarities to the Shin SeungHun.

A father is like a friend, a child who is like a brother.

Heo Young Saeng was born when NamSu aged 23. Heo Namsu lost her mother when he was young and growing alone, he is determined he will treat her well if he had children later. So, even though he had so early at a young age, but ua can proudly say that he is the father who is also like a friend.

"Since Heo YoungSaeng high school, he grew up and now it is already like a brother. Sometimes he tells me, "Daddy, please do not be angry, cool the heads first before saying anything ..."

YoungSaeng experienced periods of confusion in which he did not want to learn more in school and do not want trouble. He was confused because his mother wanted him to go to university but his father wanted him to do the things he liked, because that YoungSaeng feel confused.
Finally, because the distance of the school with a gym, YoungSaeng decided to live independently. Due to personal reasons, Heo NamSu can not live anymore with her child.

Heo YoungSaeng experienced a period of very heavy exercise and also when he was in puberty. People laugh and say "You're not going to succeed", he proved them wrong. When SS501 received their first award in 2005 KM

Music Festival: Best New Male Group Award, it mengis tight. He is most know what he passed along, all the difficulties, which was why he felt cramped and could only cry.

"He called me, wanted to tell me. Although we did not talk long, he felt when it was still unclear until now. "

Entrapment, do not really talk

"I apologize profusely in YoungSaeng. When he was little, we often move house, when he was a class 5, he moved from Incheon hard to adapt to Chuncheon. One day, there is great appreciation of the talent show at school, probably when it was, he decided his dream to become a singer. "

Although he did not mind too much to dream of her son, but he wanted his son to go to university, after graduating, worked at a good company to work and live in peace. But he did not impose his will on his son, Heo NamSu save his wish and pray for her son's dream and met an old friend who is a music producer.

"Although he stubbornly said he did what he said, but I continue to support and agree he began training with SM Entertainment. But if he is still there, maybe he will debut with Super Junior as members. But the DSP to take care of him and debut as a member of SS501 and he did it. "Although the course is easier than the other trainees, although obtaining popularity, YoungSaeng still feel lonely.

"For someone who mamasak ramen to eat, I do not know should be surprised or anything. YoungSaeng not someone who easily upset. But it was not easy telling someone that his problem when he was a teenager, and again when it was still fragile heart ... "


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