Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong's drama 'City Conquest' Confirmed Airing on KBS2TV

TV channel that will broadcast the drama 'City Conquest' has confirmed that KBS2TV.

On October 5, the drama City Conquest, directed by Yang Yun-ho and written by Hwang Ju-ha, BNT News contacted Media100 production company, confirmed the drama will air on KBS2TV. 'City Conquest' original comic book series written by Shin Hyungbin converted into a drama, with the sale of the original comic series of more than 10 million copies and its popularity is still increasing.

City Conquest which is expected in early 2013 airing on KBS2 illustrates the story of the struggle in the illegal and dark with the main character Baek Mir Danbi dicintanya with a woman since his youth, and developing her love story Tae Su-min (with Baek Mir), and men's Cha Ji -ryong who only care about one woman (Danbi), melodrama plot and action centered on four characters that capture the eyes of the world.

The main character in City Conquest, played by Mir Baek Kim HyunJoong from the beginning, has also drawn the attention of buyers from overseas, with copyrights were about to sell 11.8 billion won.




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