Monday, May 14, 2012

Other Unique Facts About SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon)

1. Formerly SS501 consists of 7 personnels, and two personnel were out because they do not like Kim Hyung Joon
2. SS501 debuted on June 8, 2005
3. Rapper SS501: Leader & Baby
4. Young Saeng serves as Vocal Leader
5. Personnel of SS501 personnel who have been to Indonesia ==> Hyun Joong to Bali, Jung Min and Hyung Jun to Jakarta *I know the secret about other personnel :X*
SS501 members who never made the newspapers are common in Indonesia HJL: Jawa pos, JM: Jawa pos, HJB: sunday pos
7. Hyung Jun has a younger brother named"Kim Ki Bum"
8. Hyun Joong and Hyung Joon both scared of the animal whose name is "INSECTS"
9. Korean actor Hyun Joong became one of the handsomest on the site in French
10. In U-Know UKiss episode Kibum's House, kibum said that her brother just a few seconds for a bath
11. Fanclub of SS501's personnel: Hyung Joong - Henecia, Young Saeng - YES, Kyu Jong - ThanKyu, Jung Min - Jstation, Hyung June to JunJunus / Junaway
12. The type of girl Hyun Joong = Lee Hyori, Young Saeng = Song Hye Kyo, Kim Kyu Jong = Tae Hee, Jung Min = Jessica Alba, Hyung Jun = BoA
13. Jung Min as a kid ever had a rabbit
14. Hyun Joong had an older brother named "Kim Young Joong"
15. The goods often brought by kyujong is contact lenss
16. Bathing naked together usual for SS501, except Hyung Joon.
17. Hyun Joong already known for big and beautiful eyes
18. Jung Min said that Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo served as the BOF, HJL be quiet
19. HJL & JM king of sleep, but different from HJL, JM sleep if it's still doing the activity *kick here keck there*LOL
20. HJL sleeping only wearing underwear because he says the heat when fully dressed or wear blanket.
21. P
ayments received by each perform of SS501 as 60 million won or Rp. 450 million
22. SS501 in the list of famous boyband PERU ranked number 3, as well as Arabic, Turkish and Spanish.
23. Magic scene Kyu Jong is played in the original MV Chance is not a magic camera trick
24. HnB Company is a company that 
was established by hyung jun with his brother, who produces the doll Piro - Piro, Siro - Siro, etc
25. jung min prior to Indonesia are familiar with fried rice
26. finished press confrence kimchi, jung min still had a walk in the mall near the Senayan
27. Hyung Joon said during in Indonesia, he felt hot and Indonesia is very hot
28. All SS501
personnel had plastic surgery, but it does not matterbecause 95% of Korean plastic surgery. So plastic surgery is common in Korea.



I think SS501 members did not have plastic surgery because they all look the same when their still kids...

but in reality they are plastic surgery, although not entirely..

i love u kim hyung jun oppa

I just loveeee heo.. He is so cool

Not All Of Them Had Plastic Surgery. Young Saengie Is The Only One That Hasn't

but in the interview one interviewer ask them if they had a plastic surgery but hyun joong was the only one who admitted that he had a plastic surgery. he also said that the rumor about youngsaeng's surgery in his face in not true. he said that yes youngsaeng goes under surgery but a surgery in his throat because youngsaeng's throat is in a bad condition and needs a surgery. i dont think all of them had a surgery maybe it was just the leader kim hyun joong who had a plastic surgery.

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