Saturday, April 14, 2012

Facts about the personnels of SS501. Funny, strange, and of course real.

1. Part of the first washing bath time member of SS501 Hyun Joong: Teeth, Young Saeng: cheast, Kyu Jong: Chief, Jung Min: Face, Hyung Joon: Head

2. The first thing after waking, Young Saeng will drinking water, Young Saeng's ideal breakfast menu is milk and cheese

3. Young Saeng at least clever cook kimchi soup with fried chicken and do not like seafood. Favorite drink: Dakara sports drinks, lemon water, and don't like soft drinks

4. Kyu Jong high is 181 cm as same as JungMin. That's because Kyu Jong likes to play basketball, Jong Kyu most like the same magic.

5. Kyu Jong was first from the village to not sign any loan contract shirt Jung min

6. Kyu Jong happy holding a large white teddy bear who looks much bigger than his body.

7. Kyu Jong has a habit to change, he always uses hands to cover her face. Kyu Jong fish name given the name 'Young Saeng'.

8. When asked in the next 50 years, you will be, Young Saeng instead replied: Maybe I should have had a grandson, when it was serious, and the ridiculous, he asked again, the object can not live what? Young Saeng said: Apparel,, wkwkkwk

9. Jung Min Kyu Jong said if wear sunglasses like a eagle and Jung Min started calling Kyu Jong as 'Kim Eagle'.

10. Kyu Jong fastest wake up, if there are people who go to dorm SS501 and all the members to sleep, Kyu Jong will be the first org that automatically wake up. Kyu Jong is also very shy.

11. Kyu Jong often make worry. He always woke up without anyone who knows. When asked why, he told me also do not know.

12. Kyu Jong said she was afraid of dogs, but he will be charmed when he saw a woman walking with a dog.

13. Kyu Jong Japanese master and understand a lot about Japan.Kyu Jong liked to call himself a 'Center of SS501'

14. Kim Hyun Joong had a motto from the beginning until now have not changed that "Life is an opportunity". Good friends with the Hero Jae Joong, Micky Yoo Chun (TVXQ), and TOP (Big Bang).

15. Kim Hyun Joong epithet most often hear is "man pretty", "guy 4 Dimensions", "Prince 4th Dimension", "Leader", "dog or a cow", because his eyes are big.

16. Behind her gentle and cute, Hyun Joong like to set people, hard-headed, but had a sharp instinct.

17. Kim Hyun Joong said she was the most anti seduce people, let alone hear the words of seduction that can make the face red with embarrassment. So Do not even ask her to seduce anyone. But he ever seduce Lee Hyori Eonni-______-'

18. Hyun Joong had a pet dog named Jaksalie. Meaning of 'Jaksal' equals 'spear' or 'kill'. Because Hyun Joong is a creature of four dimensions,

19. Kim Hyun Joong had fun writing funny fiction that tells the story of same-sex love between men. The main character is the story itself and Park Jung Min (SS501).

20. Kim Hyun Joong most hated and feared by dragonflies, bees and other insects. But he was not scared of the ghosts.

21. The most in fear of the members of SS501 Hyun Joong in Japan: Earthquakes, Young Saeng: The mind of the Japanese, Kyu Jong: The road, Jung Min: Nothing, because before I came to Japan I've been doing some research .... Hyung Joon: The roads in different directions with in Korea.

22. Message from Jung Min who I remember until now 'If you learn the language and can speak Korean fluently, quickly contact me and we'll chat together. ok? ' *I will oppa...wkwkwk

23. The reason from Kyu Jong was told that swimming is 'I'm afraid that my feet did not touch the ground' but the fishing session, he was the most spirit and who can fish the first time.

24. Young Saeng really concerned with his image, he would run away from the camera and wearing a hat to cover her hair when it just got up. That's so no one can see his messy hair.

25. As he was tired, anyone who wake Jung Min will receive a 'boxing and kick'. That said reflexively,,

26. Young Saeng ever opened the blanket, he found Jung Min no longer eat at palace covers. Jung Min denied "More warm meal like this".

27. Hyung Joon has the affection of fans who call him rather weird actually says is, "Hyung Hyung .." and the call was mostly female fans, they should call "Hyung Oppa"

28. Hyung Joon ever give seduction of death for his fans he said "If you grow up, I'd marry you all" * LOL

29. Leader is like sleep. If he sleeping he will difficult to wake. ranging from dog placed in bed, until the ice cubes in her body, even a lipstick-smeared lips by Park Jung Min, but any case remain in bed asleep

30. Jung Min is the carrot enthusiast. He eats lots of carrots though have made carrot juice. He even had a carrot-shaped toy sharpener

31. Hyung Joon has lived in Melbourne, Australia for 2 years. The main enemy is Jung Min. Hyung Joon likes to mix words - English words in every word he says

32. Kim Hyun Joong's 3 wishes, 1. Being a star, world class universal 2. Gathering fans from around the world and hold a free concert for them 3. After that, a peaceful and happy life

33. Young Saeng's 3 wishes: 1. Got a lot of money 2. SS501 and his name became famous throughout the world 3. Able to think more carefully

34. Jung Min weirdest hope, he will live for ever and ever. And always treat sweaty palms

35. Class 4 SD Kim Hyun Joong had joined the math Olympics and won the gold medals. he was always ranked first in all schools at the elementary school.

36. Kim Hyun Joong, the high school was ever out because he listened to the song 'Ultramani' Seo Taiji and he had run away from home.

37. Young Saeng been dating the same woman over the age of 3 years from him.

38. A new fans often confuse  SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyung Joon. They both said they were different and asked to differentiate,

39. Kim Hyun Joong can drink up to five bottles of soju, sometimes even more than 5 if conditions are happy.

40. This is done before sleep at Jung Min is closed ears, closed my eyes with blinders on, pray. Then how Jung Min did not let stress trying to smile

41. Hyung Joon has a very white skin. When the interview, he said that he had attempted to use a variety of make-up to blacken his skin.

42. Hyung Joon's favorite subjects are Science and English, while the economy is not preferred

43. Kim Hyun Joong had a black belt in taekwondo and driving license (vehicles, motorcycles, cars) dilakuin first thing after waking up the bath

44. Kim Hyun Joong is more promiscuous than the guitar purchased the house and his favorite word is "Jeongmal?" Which means "Really?"

45. In the next 50 years, Hyung Joong wants to be: a father. he is most like the same soup of beef, and dislike a dog meat

46. Young Saeng is a strange habit of biting her lips and stuck out his tongue. He had bought the first album is HOT, her favorite artist Steveland, Yoshiki and he want to work with Yoshiki

47. The size of the foot member of SS501, Kyu Jong: 275mm, Young Saeng: 270 mm, Hyun Joong: 265 mm, Hyun Joong: 275 mm, JungMin: 270 mm

48. Jung Min is very proud to be born as Park Jung Min,, heheh narcissistic. Jung Min does not like breakfast. The first thing after waking: open his eyes, breathe, stretch, tough day, wash his face

49. Jung Min most clever cook pasta. Like all the food his mother made, and the like kimchi pancakes as well. Kim Hyun Joong best cook Ramen.

50. SS501 member favorite places: Hyung Joon: Balcony, Kyu Jong: Behind the door, Hyun Joong: bed, Jung Min: bed, Young Saeng: room



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