Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Park Jung Min - What KStyle Editorial Department Has to Say About Jung Min

Hello (Korean)! This is Kstyle Editorial Department.

The interview report of today is SS501’s Park Jung Min, who came to Japan as a special guest on 12th to attend the showcase of the second personality of Jung Min, ROMEO. When the editors met the “Sexy Charisma”, they were heart-racing while conducting the one-to-one interview.

“I depend on your co-operation~” Jung Min said with a refreshing style. Wearing white T-shirt with a dark blue jacket, and a colourful bracelet in grey tone, he greeted with a friendly mood.

It began with the photo shooting session. As the photographer and Jung Min were perfectly congenial, everyone eventually called Park (Jung Min) as “Little (Park)”. (Laughter) Jung Min, who could change his facial expressions as well as body movements in a minute, correctly followed the instructions of the photographer. And sometimes with a very mature sexy expression…What a professional.

Heard that Jung Min loved Kabukiage (a kind of deep-fried Japanese food) recently. During the break in between the interviews, he crunched them happily. During the break while we were having leisure chats, he drank all the roasted barley tea while the sentence was not yet finished. Kabukiage and roasted barley tea……he was just the same as the Japanese (Laughter) Maybe due to his nature attitude without over-acting, he was loved by his fans!

In this interview, Jung Min didn’t use any translator but communicated directly with his fluent Japanese. He, who was fluent in Japanese, answered the questions gently with some stories of humor and a face of relaxation.

As A-JAX had visited the Editorial Department a few days ago, so when Jung Min discovered the reporter’s A-JAX file, he dazzled in amaze, “So handsome~”. (Laughter) As a junior in DSP Media, it was heard that they met (Jung Min) as a trainee.

In the last part of the interview, the Kabukiage he ate was given to Editorial Department as a “special” gift together with other presents! Hadn’t finished the half of them~ (Laughter) The Editorial Department had still not yet eaten any, what a pity^^

Until the end, Jung Min had this interview with his sunshine smile and delightful greetings. Heard that he would have activities using the name of “Park Jung Min” in the 2nd half of the year. Please look forward to it.

This is Kstyle Editorial Department.

credits: park-jung-min.com



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