Friday, April 27, 2012

Ten Most Popular Korean Boyband

1. SS501
SS501 is one of the boy band that was popular in Korea, they arecomprised of five members. SS501's name has meaning, 'S' firsttaken from the word Superstar while the 'S' the second is a Singer, a combination of 501 that is representative of five members who are united for eternity. Together with other boyband, SS501 personnelalso busy solo career. But that does not mean they parted. They remain SS501.

Boyband is also known by the name DBKS consists of fivepersonnel. They were built in 2003 under the auspices of themanagement of SM Entertainment. TVXQ's record as the highest sales achieved during the first week foreigners who previously heldthe singer Bon Jovi in 1995 with sales of 370 copies.

 3. JYJ
Boyband TVXQ has three personnel namely JunsuYoochun andJaejoongThey are three people who resigned from boyband TVXQ.Boyband is touted as the richest man in the Korean boybandEach of its personnel have considered a luxury villa worth around U.S. $ 2.6 million, or about Rp22, 2 billionIt also has a luxury car like aFerrariUnderstandably, JYJ freeing management to pursue a solo career and choosing his preferred field.

4. Super Junior
Super Junior is a boyband member who coined the most in the worldSuper Junior Suju or commonly referred to earlier has 12personnelBut when it starts runningtwo personnel outKangin whomust serve in the military and Kibum who choose a career in acting.Left two personnel not eliminate the charm of the singer of 'Sorry Sorry' is. Super Junior was established in 2005.

5. 2AM
2AM consists of four personnel that JinwoonJo KwonSeulong andChangminThe type of music that carried the boy band under theauspices of JYP Entertainment brings the ballad songsHis first single titled 'This Song' was released on July 21, 20082AM debutedon stage on July 11, 2008.

6. Big Bang
Boyband is located in the shade of YG Entertainment is comprised of five members who are united in 2005-2006the formation of thisgroup in a television series called "Big Band Documentary". Afterreceiving the Award on "Artist of the Yearin the event M.Net KMMusic Festival and Seoul Gayo Daesang AwardBig Bang decidedto target the Japanese music fansCurrent personnel Big Bang is also busy solo career.

7. 2PM
2PM's seven-memberbut now only six people since Jaebeomresigned in 20092PM had come to Indonesia and since the release of Jaebeom, 2PM popularity is increasing.

8. SHINee
Boyband is on the rise this brings a contemporary R & B music.Group formed by SM Entertainment is comprised of five people whonow also starring in a reality show and a fashion icon as SHINeeTrendDebut the first time appeared on SBS Inkigayo on May 25, 2008 to promote their new single 'noona noumu yeppeo'

Shinhwa has six membersincluding three vocalists and threerappersShinhwa was formed in 1998 and gained recognition as one of the best vocal and danceNot only successful in the countrybut also in Japan. Boyband Shinhwa is able to survive longer than any other boy band in Asia.

10. T-MAX
T-Max consists of 3 personnelShin Min-Cheol, Park Yun Hwa andKim June Under the auspices of Planet905 Entainmentboy bandbrings the music R & B and had the soundtrack of the serial drama"Boys Over Flowers". But the beginning of 2010 T-Max lost one of its personnelwhich is Park Yun Hwa decides to compulsory military service. Now they come up with new formation with two newpersonnelPark Joo Hanbi and Chanyang.



SS501 is never apart for every TRIPLE S. They are the best for me and they are the best for all the TRIPLE S!

@leah: ah u're right chingu^^
eh, are u from manila?

SS501 is the best boy band forever,,,;-)

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