Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Types of Ghosts in South Korea (hiiiyyyy...scary)

Now it is time to discuss about the kinds of ghosts in south korea.Not only Indonesia which has many types of ghosts, like Kuntilanak, pocong, tuyul, genderuwo and much more. But in Korea there, there are also a variety of demons.So, rather than curiosity, let's read especially for those of you lovers of Korean artists.

1. Cheonyeo Gwishin (처녀 귀신), Virgin Ghost)

Cheonyeo Gwishin can be called as well as its people Kuntilanak Korea (Korea ghost sightings are a woman with long hair and dressed in white). In the Korean legend, a young woman who died in a virgin state will be bitter against her shame (shame as it is still a virgin). Therefore, it appears that women are ghosts around relatives and friends.Korea ghost sightings Cheonyeo Gwishin described by very long-haired woman dressed in white (traditional Korean dress, hanbok), his face pale and blood dripping from the sides of his mouth, korea ghost sightings can be seen as in the movie The Ring Virus.Because of his mission to get married are not met, then it is impossible for him to cross into the afterlife. It is said that the ghost is condemned newlyweds, other than that a ghost is also considered a sickness or accident. The only way to get rid of ghosts korea is doing an exorcism ritual or to marry a virgin ghost (Cheonyeo Gwishin) with a single ghost (Mongdal).

2. Jeoseung Saja (저승 사자), Angel of Death)

Jeoseung Saja korea ghost or Envoy of Jeoseung is defined subtle creature that sucks the soul and guide the souls of those misty dark through the woods toward the next (Korean version of the Grim Reaper). Jeoseung is not heaven or hell, but it is the destination of the dead (called the inverse Yiseung, or the earth).Jeoseung Saja korea ghost sightings terrible because it was part of the cemetery and shamanism is still practiced in rural areas.Traditionally, Korean ghosts Jeoseung be described as a corrupt government agent who threatened to abuse the people who died in custody, unless they were bribed with offerings.

3. Dokkaebi

If gwishin is a form of ghost sightings ghost korea, korea there are ghosts in the form of a monster called Dokkaebi. Korea is like ghosts or goblins tuyul. Korean phantom has a single horn on his head, and always carry a magic wand that can make anything with a specific mantra. Dokkaebi can also be regarded as his Goblin Korean people. It is said that ghosts horn korea can give good luck.Korea ghost sightings are quite funny and good, like nosy dokkaebi the bad guys and giving blessings to good people.Korea ghost is mentioned as well as the spirit of inanimate objects.Objects are generally transformed as it is a ghost korea everyday items that have been abandoned or neglected in a state, such as broom, pestle, fireplace. Interestingly, the tree is covered with the blood of a young girl can be Dokkaebi.

4. Mul Gwishin

Korean ghost called Mul Gwishin are ghosts of the dead drowning

5. Dalgyal Gwishin

Korea ghost called Dalgyal Gwishin are ghosts emerging from the pile of dead bodies and the egg-shaped.



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