Friday, April 13, 2012

If SS501 become your boy, who would you choose?

1. If you're sick ...
*). Kim hyun joong, will not say anything, go out and buy medicine for you*). Heo young saeng, his voice would be worried and ask what you need to feel better.*). Kim Kyu Jong, will be anxious and stay beside you*) Park jung min, would be worried and immediately called the doctor.*). Kim Hyung Joon, will panic and cry.

2. Today's your birthday ...
*). Kim hyun joong, will go to your house by bringing his favorite dvd on Aliens and watch it with you.*). Heo Young Saeng, will give a surprise dinner at the home blakon.*). Kim Kyu Jong, will take you to the playground, walking and eating cotton candy*). Park jung min, leased to surprise you with an expensive gift*). Kim Hyung Joon, will take you to dinner at a restaurant

3. If you want to shop
*). Kim hyun joong, will be waiting outside the store until you are finished shopping.*). Heo Young Saeng, will buy anything for you*). Kim Kyu Jong, will bring your shopping bag and follow you wherever.*). Park jung min, will choose the clothes for herself *LOL*). Kim hyung joon, will pick out clothes for you

4. if celebrating the anniversary.
*). Kim hyun joong, will write an article about his life over to you and give it to you.*). Heo Young Saeng, will rent a studio / music room with piano in it and sing a song for you.*). Kim Kyu Jong, will give you flowers and spending time with you.*). Park jung min, will hire retoran one night for dinner and dance with you.*). kim hyung joon, will make a song and sing it for you.

5. When you're sad ...
*). Kim hyun joong, will make you laugh gently, without knowing it.*). Heo Young Saeng, will make you smile with his smile.*). 
Kim Kyu Jong, will hold tightly without asking the cause of your grief.*). Park jung min, will do anything to make you laugh.*). Kim Hyung Joon, will ask why you grieve and give attention to make you feel better.

6. if you are hungry ...
*). Kim hyun joong, will warm ramen and dukboki for you*). Heo Young Saeng, will prepare a lavish meal for you*). 
Kim Kyu Jongm, will ask you what to eat, and buy it for you*). Park jung min, will be looking for something that is in the house that you can eat.*). Kim Hyung Joon, will call delivery, and order something for you.

7. When you get angry at him
*). Kim hyun joong, will remain silent and wait for quiet before saying anything.*). Heo Young Saeng, would explain the slow and calm down with the explanation.*). 
Kim Kyu Jong will give you a hug and apologized *wow, romance ^_^d). Park jung min, will talk and argue with you *LOL*). Kim Hyung Joon, will cry and ask for forgiveness of what it produces.

8. You say you love him ...
*). Kim hyun joong, will smile sweetly and put his arm on your shoulder.*). Heo Young Saeng, will draw you closer to him and kiss your lips *YAA! i want i want*LOL*) Kim kyu jong, going back to say "I love you" and hug you tight.*). Park jung min, would be grateful for the sweet words  and forth saying "I love you"*). Kim hyung joon, will say "I love you" back to the sweet and kiss your cheek

9. when he says he loves you ...
*). Kim Hyun Joong, he would not say directly, but he'll show it with actions. Talk less do more!*). Heo Young Saeng, will whispereda in your ear.*)., Kim kyu jong, will cover her face or looking down shyly before saying "I Love You"*). Park jung min, will provide a variety of expression before saying "I love you" ("Oh my goodness ... I love you!")*). Kim hyung joon, will say "I love you with a tone of cute "

10. You broke up with him ...
*). Kim hyun joong, will accept your opinion and never say to you again.*). Heo Young Saeng, will show the expression of sadness and listen to reason before doing anything.*). Kim kyu jong, would ask what was wrong and asked to fix it.*) Park jung min, will go away from you and cry in the corner, to assure that you will not see it. *HAHAHA*). Kim hyung joon, will cry and call upon you to try to improve your relationship.

11. You fell on the sidewalk
*). kim hyun joong, will laugh at you and telling you to stand. *LOL*). Heo Young Saeng, will smile and extended her hand.*). Kim kyu jong, will be anxious and to check whether you are injured.*). Park jung min, will laugh at you and help you stand.*). Kim hyung joon, will be anxious to help you wake up beside you.

12. you go abroad.
*). Kim hyun joong, did not show her sadness, but to be faithful waiting for you back.*). Heo Young Saeng, will deliver a shock and see you there. *oww! u're so sweet my prince ^o^*). kim kyu jong, will hold you close and tell you that he'll miss *ommo!*). Park jung min, will give you his pict that you not miss him.*) Kim hyung joon, would cry and promise to call you everyday

13 when it rains and he had only one umbrella
*). Kim hyun joong, will give you his umbrella and let it rain*). Heo Young Saeng, will share her umbrella with you.*) Kim Kyu Jong, will share with you his umbrella and put on his jacket to you*aigoo^^*). Park jung min, will put his umbrella and let himself be caught in the rain with you *LOL*). Kim hyung joon, will forget that he had an umbrella and take you into the shade.

14. When he had a day off from work ..
*). Kim hyun joong, will take you to his house, explaining to you that he wanted to rest and relax with him.*). Heo Young Saeng, will take a walk.*). Jong kyu Kim, will take a picnic.*). Park jung min, will buy the ticket at the cinema and watch it with you.*). Kim hyung joon, will accompany

15. if you married with him
*) Kim hyun joong, head of the family will be good and work hard for the family.*). Heo Young Saeng, would be the best and be a sweet husband.*). Kim kyu jong, a wonderful husband who lives in a traditional ideal of family life. *Oh, that's good*). park jung min, noy yet want to have kids and focus on his career, and you have to support him as a wife.*). Kim Hyung Joon, will be a cool dad, a loving husband and lived in a happy family.

16. Before bed ...
*). Kim hyun joong, would immediately fall asleep because he was tiredafter working hard.*). Heo Young Saeng, will sing a lullaby. *Owww ♥*) Kim Kyu Jong, will give you a hug before going to bed *WOW!*) Park jung min, asking you to squeeze it before bed*) Kim hyung joon, will be there and told him about what his experienced that day.



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