Friday, April 13, 2012

Special on 14th in KOREA, Celebration every 14th

January 14 - Day Diary On this day, the lovers give each other an annual event diary or a book and will be used a romantic notes for a year between them ...February 14 - Valentine's DayValentine's Day different from the culture in Western countries, in Korea, on Valentine's Day is a time for the girls give chocolates to men they like, or appraiser who or gebet so far and expressed their feelings of love. The emancipation of women alive!March 14 - White Day Now, if this is still a continuation of date February 14. After the girls or women who give and express love chocolate, dated March 14 turn of the men who give flowers or chocolates or cute doll or any special gift to the women who love them. And the answer usually is called the day of love which is expressed by the girls a month earlier.
14 April - Black Day Well, if March 14 is a day of fun for the ladies, not so with date April 14. That is, if they shoot the guy who date February 14 last and not get a response on that day, then they will celebrate a month later they will be bad days, so this date 14 April. Not only those who rejected his love who celebrate today, but all single celebrate today. Usually, they will 'celebrate' by eating a black food like a noodle soup aka jjangmyun  black .

May 14 - Yellow Day or Rose  Day Couples lovers exchange roses and they will get together singles who are still together and eat curry together to 'celebrate' their togetherness as singles. And, usually, they will wear yellow clothes, yes according to the name of the day, Yellow Day.June 14th - Kiss Day MWO?!  As the name implies, this day, the lovers along the way and ends with the express love to their partners and they were very intimate kissing. Ouch, children under the age would be locked in his mother's house on June 14, hehehe.July 14 - Silver Day Well, the happy couple will really on July 14. Because they can freely ask their friend treat this couple for dating. That is, the date of this couples on Silver Day of the meal, movie or whatever will be done when a date will be paid for by their friends. And because of the name Silver Day, the couple will exchange gifts made of silver, and who will announce to their friends that they are dating.
August 14 - Green DayNot ... this is not a day of celebration of the American band, Green Day. But, on this day, the couple will walk arround with green clothes and going out to city parks ... In addition, they will drink soju or berama rice wine and have fun.September 14 - Photo and Music Day Let's guess .... Whether that will happen to the couples on this day?Yup, the lovers will be photographed together, usually with a camera which photographs or photographed at Photobox. Normally, who will be selected special places significance in their relationship. And in the afternoon, along with his friends, they go to noraebang or karaoke or nightclub to have fun.
October 14 - Wine DayOn this day, lovers and have a date with dinner and drink wine together.
November 14 - Movie Day and Orange Day The couple will go to the cinema to watch movies together and who will wear special orange-colored clothes.December 14 - Hug Day So, at theHug Day, the couple will embrace. Not only couples, but also we can embrace the people that we care about others, parents, families,relatives, friends and anyone else. And usually there will be somecelebrity who will hold a Hug Day is to give them hug fanservice. In addition to expressing love and affection, Hug Day is also to each other warm in the winter day2 which is very cool



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