Friday, June 1, 2012

Is Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery?

Fronted the boy band SS501 is known as a male artist who has a perfect face. In fact some say the face star of the series 'Playful Kiss' was chiselled. Because the shape of her face was deemed perfect, Kim Hyun Joong was dubbed the 'sculpture walk'.  When attending the 'Knee-Drop Master on June 8 yesterday, Hyun Joong told about him. When the host asked, Kang Ho Dong, Hyun Joong claimed to be ready to tell everything.  The host took the opportunity to provide a sensitive question. "What is 'sculpture walk' is a creation of God or any doctor's intervention (plastic surgery)," said Kang Ho Dong was quoted as saying Allkpop, Friday, June 10, 2011.  Dicecar question like that, Hyun Joon still look casual. He also gave an answer that makes the show host was shocked. "This gift of God, but got the final touch of the doctor," said Hyun Joong.  Then the guy who also starred in the popular series 'Boys Over Flowers', recounts the beginning why he decided to perform plastic surgery on her nose.  "I hurt my nose got a thrown stone. I did a treatment and care of the nose. I was a little elevated nasal bones," he said as he followed the laughter of the audience who applauded.



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