Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Washington Post Praising Kim Hyun Joong (Daebak!! oppa!!^^/)

Washington Postan influential weekly newspaper in the UnitedStatesintroduced Kim Hyun Joong as a Hallyu star who knows how to communicatecollect a lot of attention from everywhere.

On May 4 online edition of the Washington Postreported on themeeting of Kim Hyun Joong's fans in SingaporeThe article reads,"Kim Hyun Joong Korean entertainers are planning to start the'2012 Asian Fan Meeting Tour 'which will be attended by about 3,000 people -The former pop star for a visit Singapore "
The newspaper reported that Kim Hyun Joong is the reason why the3000 plan to meet fans after the concert two hours because hewanted time to communicate with fans.

"'I hope that even if it is a very short timethe fans will know how much I appreciate their efforts and support.'" The article continued, "The Organisers said Kim would high-five people at fan events inHong Kong and Taiwan as well.

The fact that the news gathering fan of Kim Hyun Joong has made it into an influential weekly newspaper has shown how much K-pop.Netizens who read the article Kim Hyun Joong commented"Aninfluential newspaper of the United States showed an interest inKim Hyun Joon is very cool," and "I am very proud of Kim HyunJoong to move forward from Asia to the world."

Source : eNewsworld



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