Thursday, September 6, 2012

Park Jung Min's debut in Japan as Romeo

CASE contract finished yet and is still discussed. But apparently personnel SS501, Park Jung Min, do not want to waste time and talents.

Once again, Park Jung Min proved that he still has a big name gets a lot of contracts that enable and lead a busy as ever.

He glanced at the Japanese music market. But it seems that Park Jung Min has its own strategy to face hard competition in the Japanese entertainment world. Instead of using the name of the part, he uses the new name in order to establish a fresh image.

Name Romeo chosen Park Jung Min in order mempromoiiskan Japanese single "Give Me Your Heart".

Romeo will have a different style of Park Jung Min during this time. His new style more representative of Japanese fantasy genre that seems to bring a lot of looks completely new.

Two big names in the Japanese music industry to get involved in "Give Me Your Heart". Producer Jeff Miyahara ever produced Nami Amuro, V6, KAT-TUN, and JUJU. Being music director Noriyuki Danaka never handle Shun Oguri and Erika Sawajiri.

The series of promotions Romeo was unsparing, addressed two major management Yamaha Corporation and Big Entertainment. The song "Give Me Your Heart" has been ranked as pre-sales in some kind of music store Tower Records and Tsutaya.

Park Jung Min aka Romeo will hold its inaugural show case 29 September.



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