Friday, June 29, 2012

Highlight Showcase Kim Hyung Jun [ESCAPE]

Finally Kim Hyung Jun ESCAPE showcase held June 29. Many friends and relatives who attended the event. There is a family of his mother, his brother Kim Ki Bum, Noona cousin. Celebrities who have attended Rainbow Ji Suk, So Yi Hyeon and JQ. And we look forward to most other SS501 member Heo Young Saeng was also present, Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min. YS & KJ got to the stage for joint bincang2 HyungJun. Leader Hyun Joong could not attend because she was busy filming in Japan. If the five of them could be present, this could be a reunion of SS501 Vol 2.

In this showcase Hyung Jun menyayikan ESCAPE lagu2 the new album, among others 나쁜 남자 라서, Just Let It Go, 잘못 걸었어 (ft. JQ) and Sorry I'm Sorry.

- The first went on stage is Kyu Jong then Young Saeng.
- Kyu Jong said that although he was busy, he came to the Showcase due to Hyung June
- When they were seated, Young Saeng said Hyung Jun is not allowed to sit in the middle but Hyung Jun replied coldly, 'No, no nothing. "
- Kyu Jong Hyung Jun and HJ praised very pleased with the compliment.
- Young Saeng said Hyung Jun patiently waiting. He also said Hyung Jun is very stylish. By Hyung Jun's comments with applause excited like a child.
- Hyung Jun is very happy and dancing in front of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng.
- Jung Min Hyung Jun said there also. Then the fans screamed so loud.
- Kyu Jong said both would be nice if he got the number 1. So he can hold a free concert. HJ joy in front of Kyu Jong and YS!
- Fans waiting for them to dance UR Man, but they did not prepare for it.

Hyung Jun's cousin, his mother, and choco

His brother, Kim Ki Bum

Ji Suk Rainbow, So Yi Hyeon, Ki Bum


SS501 sub

High five session



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