Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi, Park Hyo Jun in Japan streets

'City Conquest''s main characters Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi, Park Hyo Jun in Japan streets photos released in public.

In the public photo released it showed a lovely side of the drama with Baek Mir (Kim Hyun Joong), Lee Dan Bi (Jung Yoo Mi) and their close friend Park Kwang Ya (Park Hyo Jun) in the streets of Japan with their arms fondly and lively around each other.
This would be the last shooting in Japan where the location was taken in a pub and streets. A perfect smile was shown to the staff members while filming by Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Yoo Mi and Park Hyo Jun.

In particular, Park Hyo Jun's comical drunk performance and adlib made the filming atmosphere warm and made all burst with laughter with a big smile.
Because of the three actors’ natural acting, the set is always full of laughs, and the whole team is shooting the series in a friendly mood.
People responded: “I can see how much they love each other from the picture.” “They look really close.” “These pictures make me feel good.” “I can’t wait to watch City Conquest.” “Are they singing drunk? Haha.”
City Conquest is also attracting a lot of attention by casting such charismatic actors as Kim Seung Woo, Kim Young Ho, Kim Hee Won, and Choi Cheol Ho.



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