Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun Ready to Release Mini Album 'ESCAPE' on July

트랙 리스트 
(Track List) 

01 Intro 
02 Sorry I'm Sorry (Title) 
03 Just Let It Go 
04 나쁜 남자 라서 
05 잘못 걸었어 

앨범 구성 (Album type) 
TYPE A. CD + Photobook 화보 (60p 내외) + 북커버 Book cover (원 13.800 / 13.800 Won) 

TYPE B. CD + DVD + Booklet 북렛 (12p 내외) (원 12.800 / 12.800 won) 

Package: TYPE A (13.800 Won) + TYPE B (Won 12.800) = 26.600 Total Won 

However, this is only limited to Korean fans. Limited to only 500 Packages 

 2012-06-29 Mini Showcase 
Date: 29 June 2012 (Fri) Evening (Time to be confirmed) 
Venue: Seoul Gwang Jang Dong AX-KOREA 

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun is ready to release the next album! 

On June 11, Kim Hyung Jun sharing photos above via his Twitter account and said, "Okay, we will slowly begin? Is it all ready? ^ ^ Let's go, go ..! " 

Kim Hyung Jun said that he was ready to release its next mini album called 'ESCAPE' in July. 

According to the photo, Kim Hyung Jun will also hold a Showcase on June 29th.



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