Monday, April 16, 2012

Other SS501's Facts (Kim Hyun Joong)

1. His favorite food is: Chicken claw, the reason he's like "I live near Shinchun and there are old-style market syle. I frequent the bar on the market and always order a chicken claw.2. Drinks: Soju "I could drink up to five bottles of soju, sometimes even more than 5 if the condition I was in good mood.3. Music: Rock & Heavy Metal "Cool"4. Favorite actor: Yoon Hae-Jin "unique character"5. Musicians: Seo Tai-Ji "Forever he will be idolalu"6. Actress: Lee Hyo-Ri "She's Beautiful and lots of advise for me"7. Athletes: Kim Yuna "I'm Fascinated with him"8. Film: My Sassy Girl "movie that I made for you"9. Hyun Joong is the oldest member and leader of SS50110. He has a 4-dimensional characters (weird / crazy, living in his own world)11. He loved to sleep 12. He was a man of high spontaneity.13. Do not like to speak in English because of its pronunciation (HJL) odd.14. Is a leader who really had charisma to the member - another member.15. Dogcow Kim was given the nickname because his eyes like a cow and her face like a puppy.16. He wants to treat his friends like to treat your friends - other friends (walking with an arm around her shoulders, and calls her "Hey")-really-so sweet17. He is not afraid of cats18. Actually he is undergoing training to become a rock singer, but then one day he joined dance classes. A few moments later, he recorded "Warning" and finally made his debut with SS501.19. Personnel close friends with DBSK JaeJoong, Yoochun, and TOP because it comes from the same area.20. Most like to tease Park Jung Min21. Has the motto "Life is an opportunity"22. Good friends with the Hero Jae Joong, Micky Yoo Chun (TVXQ), and TOP (Big Bang).23. Had the nickname "beautiful man", "guy 4 Dimensions", "Prince 4 Dimensions", "Leader".24. Behind her gentle and cute, Hyun Joong has a personality like the set, stubborn, and had a sharp instinct.25. Most do not like to seduce people, let alone hear the words of seduction that can make the face red with embarrassment. So Do not even ask her to seduce anyone.26. Got a pet dog named Jaksalie (meaning 'Jaksal' equals 'spear' or 'kill'. Whether what he meant to give the dog a name like that?)27. Been fun writing funny fiction that tells the story of same-sex love between men. The main character is the story itself and Park Jung Min (SS501 colleagues in). Hyun Joong admitted making the story because they feel bored and nothing can be done while in Japan.While Jung Min was chosen because he was already quite familiar and often joked with him.28. DSP Entertainment CEO considers as his own father. Though the figure of frightening and CEO of DSP known respected by others.29. The most hated and feared by dragonflies, bees and other insects. But she said do not be afraid of ghosts.30. After filming Boys Before Flowers, Hyun Joong said special messages on three of his colleagues in the F4. Lee Min Ho told he advised, "Do not put your hand on my shoulder again." To Kim Bum he advised, "I've got all your pictures on my camera with weird poses ... I hope you too can be artists that exist in the world of entertainment. Listen carefully to my advice, or I'll spread all the photos of this anehmu. "While the Kim Joon he advised," Joonie hyung (older brother) ... you really like the artists who deceive.



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