Monday, June 25, 2012

Heo Young Saeng said they had a date with an artist

Focus on the memory of the past Heo Young Saeng. When the MC asked about his first love, Heo Young Saeng is very open to say, "My first love was for the first year in high school and love it for the 2nd year in high school." But MC stubbornly continued, "So you do not stop falling in love, how to love 3, when was that? "Heo Young Saeng said," after it stopped, but after my debut I met my 3rd love. "

" At a party, and he's an artist. "So MC who uses your smartphone instantly search on" Heo Young Saeng "and find the name Hyuna and Park Joo Hyun appears in search engines.

MC asked, "Do not Hyuna too young?" With this, Heo Young Saeng explains, "Hyuna emerged as perhaps she was featured on my album, while Joo Hyun Park has just entered into our company."

After that, Heo Young Saeng finally told her everything. MC said, "So you're getting a date?" Heo Young Saeng replied nonchalantly, "Yeah, it's in the past." With this, the MC also said, "I used to love my manager because I find him very funny."



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