Saturday, July 14, 2012

SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong says, “I want to eat bibimbap the most before joining the army”

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, Y-show host Star 'Siksin Road', said he was eager to eat Bibimbap before entering the draft.

Kim says, "I think I often eat Bibimbap while staying at my parents' house in Jeonju."

Park Ji Yoon said, "I know the two best restaurants in Jeonju Bibimbap. That Brass Pot Bibimbap Bibimbap and Dolsot" He was surprised Kim for explaining the menu and the food in detail. He also gave information about his favorite restaurant's location, he said: "There is a restaurant on-the-Pork-Bone Soup is good near the university in Jeonju."

Hearing this, Kim Na Young , laughing tempting to say, "You must have a girlfriend in Jeonju. Is your husband know this?"

Kim also told anecdotes about living with other SS501 members when they are together. He said, "All members are very busy with their own schedules, so we can not properly clean up our place when no one. Sometimes I go to my parents' house because it is very dirty."

Siksin Road, which will introduce upscale restaurant beef and restaurant Chinese cold noodles will be aired July 14 on the Y-Star.




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