Saturday, July 14, 2012

Park Jung Min - ROMEO from Tower Records Online

Popular Korean boyband SS501 member, Park Jung Min is also active as an actor. On 5 September, for the first time he will reveal the single "Give Me Your Heart" in Japan with other personality ROMEO.

For this ROMEO, music producer Jeff Miyahara producing songs such as Viking and creative director for UNIQLO to start activities. Japan's deputy creative director and lead author Noriyuki Tanaka from Japan also participated. Different characters lurking in the unconscious Jung Min, who speaks fluent Japanese, awakened at night by an uncontrollable urge, but disappeared in the sun.

In today's showcase, two songs revealed, the first track on this single "Give Me Your Heart" and the second song will be revealed on October 31 "Tonight's the Night". Audience interested in a very bewitching song with sexy dance performance.

Then, Park Jung Min appeared as special guest special. He said, "Everyone looks like me in Japan. When I heard some people imitate Jung Min, I always wonder how she looks like. I think this is the way to the venue. And suddenly, I was attacked by the sandman, and I met different ROMEO every time. " ROMEO not know that was in the venue, MC Yumi shouted "No way ~!" with an expression of awe.

"ROMEO and Park Jung Min are two different people, so do not be fooled." Even with precautions, he also told me "I heard the news, cool music and good ROMEO. He is like Jung Min, but with very dark make-up ...." When talking about ROMEO MC Yumi, she asked "You always said you have a sexy charisma, what does that mean?" "You might catch a glimpse of the navel in the dance. And this points ROMEO sexy.", He said. "It looks cheap!? I think it shows the whole body is impossible. I do not want to display it on stage! ROMEO But it seems to have a distance to the section. Practical I feel there is a difference between sexy and so-called reality.", He said.




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