Monday, September 3, 2012

Facts About Korea [PART 2]

51. To surround Nami Island only takes 2 hours by foot.
52. Many serial korea involving pine trees.
53. A visit to the Teddy Bear Museum in Korea increased after a series Goong / Princess Hours.
54. BBF serial cafeteria where the school is actually different from themselves
Beradel Equestrian Club is a place where Ji Hoo and Jan Di riding together.
55. Serial / Drama Korean pine are often involving Winter Sonata, My Sassy Girl, Letter etc..
56. Average Korean artist committed suicide by hanging himself.
57. The Korean government set up an office consultation for people with depression to reduce suicide trends.
58. Korean artists are not too jaim than d local artists here.
59. One of the causes of suicide in Korea are also economic factors, many Korean students are stressed and eventually committed suicide because of hours of study in korea too long.
60. Suicide is the leading cause of death for men korean first between age 18-35 years.
61. There were suicides in korea website, where visitors meet to chat and suicide.
62. There are also many Korean teen idol for depression following the suicide as a way out.
63. Some way suicide pact in korea is doing on the internet and then met to commit suicide together.
64. About 36 people commit suicide each day korea and cause most of the depression.
65. Many Korean government closed approximately 250 sites for suicide pact this year.
66. Korean people if done wrong will immediately recognize it quickly and honestly.
67. Koreans like to drink civet coffee from Indonesia.
68. There is a type of squid were eaten alive by the Koreans. We can still feel the tentacles moving our mouth.
69. In order to impress polite, the Koreans call 'Wife', 'Child', 'House', ending with the word 'We'.
70. Students in korea no one smokes because if caught will immediately be issued.
71. In Korea the average mobile phone sim-card does not use CDMA instead.
72. Koreans rarely use sugar as a sweetener in foods / beverages.
73. SMK Korean National Examination because there is no more focused on productive skills / expertise.
74. People love korea more products in the country and rarely buy foreign products.
75. Suneung or Higher Education Entrance Examination in Korea was held on 13 November and is a unique moment.
76. Suneung highly anticipated third grade high school students in Korea because on that day they were working furiously to test questions.
77. Families often accompany students who take Suneung carrying banners as encouragement.
78. High School Students in grade 3 are liberated korea chores and just told to learn to Suneung concern.
79. When suneung an exam location near the airport / station the airport / station to be closed during the exam.
80. Also many relatives and family give gifts to the students before following Suneung.
81. Gifts are usually given to students when Suneung is a fork, mirror, toilet paper.
82. Given a fork because the fork = puncture and may be right on target (answer).
83. Brother sister class also encouraged the class from outside the school and cheerleader yells.
84. Examinees are also no prohibition to eat seaweed soup because of slippery. And slippery tantamount to jatoh and failed.
85. Belching after eating only natural for Koreans because interpreted as a form of appreciation to cook.
86. Korean people have an attitude of discipline.
87. Korean people love talking Aigoo.
88. People often say saranghae korean to deket friend than a boyfriend.
89. Many Korean students who committed suicide because of failed university entrance
Approximately 200 students per year korea suicide just because failed to enter university.
90. There are several schools in Korea that his study hours 15jam per day.
91. Koreans rarely if more winter showers.
92. Koreans love to eat noodles with wheezes slurrrp ..
93. Most Korean foods containing pork.
94. South Koreans crowned as citizens of the world most stress due to the rigors of life there so many committed suicide.
95. Koreans used to eat that hot.
96. Most Korean men more sensitive, romantic and compassionate than his girlfriend.
97. Koreans rarely hold a grudge hearts.
98. If the Korean breakup heartbreak korean guys because guys are usually more sensitive.
99. Girls drinking is normal in korea.
100. 81% of Korean stress every day, the country with the stress level of the highest in the world is korea.
101. Korean people are familiar with the queue and not noisy.
102. Some Koreans rarely eat in the room, because considered shy away from fortune.
103. Korea most people embrace Buddhism.
104. Girls in korea usually gongginori toys. Similar to ball jacks if in Indonesia.
105. Gom se ma ri is the son of Korean songs. Ever Sung Song Hye Gyo and Rain playing time in the series Full House.
106. Korean kimchi museum in there.
107. Jeju Island is the most famous tourist island in Korea and is often used as a place-making serial korea, such as BBF, Dae Jang Geum, etc..
108. No student orientation during adolescence korea started junior high / high school
109. The garden of morning calm is the set of serial YAB park pass go mi nam dressed woman in a greenhouse.



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