Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First time in 3 years, all personnels of SS501 will meet in one place

It has been revealed that for the first time in 3 years , all members of SS501 will meet in one place to participate in an exclusive concert Heo Young Saeng on October 26 . This will be the first time all five members met together in the three years since 2010 for the promotion of " Destination" .
During the period of absence SS501 , they kept saying , "We're certainly not going to break up , " but they went on solo activities with separate agencies . While there are three or four members come together , this will be the first time that any member will be present . It is not yet certain kind of looks like what might be presented on stage , but their fans have longed to see them together . Seems that they are somewhat impromptu stage appearance since registration Heo Young Saeng in the army five days after the concert . On 31 October , he will enter the Nonsan Training Center to serve as a military police conscripts . This is why despite the busy schedules of each member , whether it involves filming for the drama or concerts prepare Japan , they take the time to stand on the stage together .




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