Saturday, April 21, 2012


  1. M!Pick by M.Net (Documenting pre-debut and three months after debut)
  2. Thank You for Waking Us Up  (Documenting SS501 waking up on morning)
  3. Thank You for Raising Me Up (Documenting SS501 raising Daengee, an abandoned dog)
  4. SS501 KM Idol World ( SS501 splits off into teams to complete challenges and missions with the people)
  5. SS501 The Mission by MNet Japan (SS501 go on missions not only to learn Japanese, but to capture the heart of Japanese fans)
  6. SS501 in USA (SS501 travels to California and Nevada for a photo shoot)
  7. SS501 Japan Making the Band
  8. SS501 in Osaka (SS501 performing in Japan)
  9. SS501 SOS by M.Net (SS501 helping people with serious problems as they unravel the mystery and investigate behind every story)
  10. SS501 Stalker by M.Net (SS501 has a stalker on their hands that seem to know their every move)
  11. Wonderful Day (SS501 spends a day out in the park playing games and having fun)
  12. Infinite Challenge (A sports competition that puts SS501 against the MC's of the show)
  13. Reds Go Together (Documenting SS501 during the World Cup)
  14. Learn Korean with SS501! (A program behind the scenes SS501's book in Japan that taught the teachings of the Korean language)
  15. Heroine 6
  16. Hanbok (A show where participants go against one another in a series of challenges)
  17. SS501 Romantic Sky (SS501 are airline attendants for a day)
  18. SBS Chocolate
  19. SS501 Champagne
  20. SS501 Super Viking (SS501 (except Park Jung Min) competed in a physical challenge across an obstacle course)
  21. SS501 Real Story I Am (Arirang tribute to the SS501 story
  22. School of Rock (SS501 visiting and performing in schools)
  23. Star Golden Bell (A variety show where different idols/stars come and answer questions through a series of games)
  24. Strong Heart (Idols/stars come and share their heartfelt stories)
  25. Let's Go to School with SS501
  26. SS501 Sunny Side
  27. Quiz! Sixth Sense (A show where participants are split into teams and endure games of questions and answers)
  28. Intimate Note 2 (A variety show along with their juniors, Kara)
  29. SS501 Big Mama (SS501 goes through a pregnancy training to find out how hard it is to be a pregnant mother)
  30. Golden Fishery
  31. Happy Together
  32. You Can Fly (SS501 goes to a school and goes to a mission to wake two lucky kids up and have challenges against other students)



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