Saturday, April 21, 2012

When SS501 had fanmeeting in Taiwan (Introduce your fellow member)

Park Jung Min Intro
Huh? As you all know. The first leader of SS501, Hyun Joong. He was the leader. Then Young Saeng. He was the lead singer and has a prince image, and he's a little mysterious. Then Kyu Jong. Um ... he is the center. From some angles, he has a role as a neutral in SS501. He's not biased to anyone. And Hyung Joon. He was the youngest. He's like a turtle.
Heo Young Saeng Intro
SS501 leader, Hyun Joong hyung. Because he is a leader and a man who is very mature, very smart, very honest. Always forward, not one to hesitate. That's the nature of Hyun Joong. Men who are very mature.
Next Kyu Jong, he is the center. Always have an impartial view. He is very forgiving (he has a big heart). If there are problems (brothers and sisters, friendship, and the youngest), his role was always as a coordinate. Impartial point of view that really works well.He was also very understanding with others because it is forgiving.Kyu Jong is a person who had a full feeling.
Later, Jung Min. Jung Min sexy charisma. Very smart to bring the atmosphere. Because of that, so much to talk about. Not to say he's fussy. Curiosity is very high. He was very excited. The atmosphere will quickly become warm. Friends like that was it. Wherever she went, the atmosphere of the place and the atmosphere would quickly became an enthusiastic group. That Jung Min.
Then, magnae Hyung Joon. He was ambitious, very hardworking - love bustle. So, his spirit is always high. Whenever, he was always very serious and work hard. Has a male side. But sometimes she has a child in her character. Make people feel "it is only natural, he the youngest". Hyung Joon is a cute friend.
Kim Hyung Jun (maknae) Intro
The first is Hyun Joong hyung. He was the leader. His appearance in BOF was amazing and much preferred. He worked very hard and know how to take care of other members. That's its nature.
Then Young Saeng hyung. He is the second oldest member. He and I talked a lot about music. We always have an interesting when talking about music and always fun when playing with the music, so we are very close. He's like a biological sister. He was a quiet and sincere brother.
Then Kyu Jong who was with me. He did not talk much and very sincerely. When first met, I think he was very cruel and cold, but he is very gentle and passionate. He was a friend of the meek and quiet.
Finally, Jung Min. He same age with me. His personality is very friendly and mature. At home, he often washes dishes. He dorm, she cooked for them all. He usually manawarkan themselves to help others and always keep all of them. He's a very kind and interesting.

Kim Kyu Jong IntroThe first is the Leader Hyun Joong hyung. He's really manly. He was very generous, familiar fast and reliable. I stayed with him.Sometimes, he was hidden, and cry silently at night. He will not tell anyone if he was sad. He will face grief alone. He is very strong.
Young Saeng likes cleanliness and likes things tidy. Why do I say that? Because he's like a mother in the group, likes to cook and likes everything related to food. He's also our best singers, the main vocal.
Jung min is our spokesperson. Because he's very good at communicating, he's the most talkative in the interviews. He also chatted with a well on stage. Wherever we go, JungMin responsible for learning to speak the local language. Jung Min is a member of the most good in language skills.
Last is magnae Kim Hyung Joon. He loved to dance and sing. He created the choreography and make songs. From the musical standpoint, he's a very hardworking member. All member SS501 have talent and charm of each. May all people have always supported us.
Kim Hyun Joong (Leader) Intro
SS501 has 5 members: I, YS, KJ, JM, HJB. We mostly dance songs, but not just dance. We also have slow songs and mid-tempo.Idol group.



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