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White luxury car stopped right in front of the stall. The place where I and two of my friends get together to just chat while enjoying snacks provided by this simple shop. Get out a middle-aged men from the front door of the car. Dressed all in blue with sunglasses. The man walked toward the back door and opened it. Appeared a young man who emm ... like age with me. Dressed in simple but gives the impression of luxury and ... cool?

"Wow! Wash the eyes, here, hahaha ... "chirps Nurul, one of my friend sitting next to my left, looking at the man who had just come out of the car in front of us.

"Not bad, lol." Says Siti. Hahaha, it's been one of my friends are.I saw two men in front of us walked toward the house across the street carrying large bags. The house that they go to the most luxurious home owned by my village. Two-storey with a large courtyard lay clearly in sight without a fence that blocks, although many weeds growing long an eyesore. Hmm, once considered more closely, the young man was not like most people of Indonesia.Brown hair, whether it's genuine or not, then his eyes narrow like the brake alone, hehe. And another thing, I think he has a very white skin. Even whiter than me.

"That foreigners, huh? Great, could stray to our village, hahaha. "I said, making my friends laugh.
Time after time we had a chat. Chat initially discussing international artists suddenly changed direction a Chinesse guy was talking about. Well, well it seems he has managed to make my friends locked in a spell. If I, really ordinary times, yes. Because so much fun chatting, we paid little attention to changes in the sky. When one of us realized the sky was already covered by dark clouds. It was a sign it will rain soon. Thus the three of us said goodbye and back to home.

At home, I found a neighbor who was conversing with my mother and some neighbors on the porch. I'm cool, just walk straight past the house. Just a few steps from the doorway, I heard conversations regarding women's something that caught my eye. Ah, no one's listening a little, hehe. They talked about the strange man was. I learned from neighbors that the new name .. He ... He who, huh? Oh, yes, his name Heo Young Saeng. One surprise, he turned from South Korea. She and her parents will stay here in our village, the village Sawahan. But new parents will come one month later. And the most powerful, they are already fluent in Indonesia. Well, I wanted to learn the language, Korean. Hmm, I hope they like living in a small but beautiful village this.
One afternoon while I was watching television, she suddenly called me.

"Ni, please Take this food to our new neighbors."

"What? Oh .. well, mom. "I brought a basket full of cakes made by the mother. 

Uh, very heavy. It's already become a village community to give back to a new neighbor as a welcome.

Here it is, most luxurious house in the village right in front of me, is huge. There are extensive terraces decorated with carved dragons berpenyangga beautiful there. The paint is bright and fresh made when reflecting the sun's glare. Should I get there? Yes, of course should.  With my feet slowly walked to the large wooden door.Knock, knock, knock! I knocked on the door slowly. Silence, no answer. Maybe I knock so softly that no sound. Knock, knock, knock! This time louder knock. Successful, brown-painted door slid back open. A man with a plain shirt emerged from the ruffling his hair is matted. Her eyes looked at me with narrow eyes reddened do not like the view.

"Mworago (1)? Disturb my afternoon sleep alone. "I was surprised to hear that. Apparently my arrival interrupt.

"So ... sorry. I come here just want to give it. Hope you like it, and welcome to our village. "I said: nervous about handing her a basket full of food I'd been carrying. He only received in silence.

"Gamsahamnida (2)." He says suddenly. Huh? What kind of language? I do not understand.

"What did you say? Can use language that normal? "The man in front of me was just chuckle to hear my words. I know he speaks the language of Korea, but he is already in Indonesia, and he was able to Indonesian. Why not use it? Huh, must be deliberate.

"Hey, if your business is over?" He asked coldly.

"Oh ... Yes! I'm done and I have to go home. "I say with a high tone, emotion.Blam! Door closed. Gosh, it was a 'very friendly'. Are all the Korean people like that? I do not know I do not want to think about. His attitude was, huh too annoying. Though he was a new person here, and I just want to be good. But, honestly admit, he looks more handsome and cute as a closer, like a living doll. Which makes me wonder, he's really high. Well, I have only his shoulder. And an adorable, chubby cheeks so tempting to pinched, hahaha. Well, what I think.

* ♪ *

Ding dong ding! Bell rang loudly. Not to mention all the students rushed into the classroom. I rushed to the front pew where I sat with Nurul. Unfortunately we do not class with Siti.

"Eh, tomorrow Sunday youth service projects to be conducted?" I asked once sat next to Nurul.

"Yeah, you go, right?"

"Of course."

"Oh, yes. Youth leader said we should also invite new residents.He's now officially become citizens of the Village Sawahan so, it must participate in community service participation. 
"Obviously Nurul length.

"Yeah, you're right. Easy, we'll ask him. "Our conversation stopped instantly as the teacher entered the classroom. The first lesson is math. Loh, but this time instead of entering the classroom mathematics teacher but my homeroom teacher, Mandarin teacher. And he was not alone. He was with someone who really knew me. Of course, he is Heo Young Saeng.The new residents Sawahan Village.

Ding, dong, ding! The bell rang to go home. After praying, one by one the students hurried to leave the classroom. But there are also some who still lives in the classroom to do the work group. I quickly put all of my books. The Korean man who is now my classmates are so rapidly disappearing from the classroom. I have to catch up.There it was, was walking toward the parking lot to pick up the motor. Well, but do not have a driver's license has been desperate to ride motorcycles. 

"Young Saeng, wait!" The man stopped and looked towards me call. His gaze is still cool in my highlight. But I wonder, just before he entered school, has many fans. Yes, yes, perhaps because of his good looks. It's just the nature of the cold made me reluctant to become fans as well, hehe.


"Tomorrow, Sunday joined the village communal work, huh? All the young people involved. "

"I'm busy." He said dismissively, then hurried to his motorcycle and sped away. Huh, man! It makes my blood boil. Kuhentakkan my annoyance, that the land is not guilty of a rebound.

"Arni, it turns out you're here. We are looking for you everywhere. "Said Nurul who suddenly appeared with Siti. I do not respond, I took a second straight best friend is home.

* ☻ *

Sweep ..., gloves ... ready, it just seems that I need for community service this Sunday. Well, our youngsters will work to clean the grass weeds that grow destroyer scene spread on the ground Sawahan Village. It seems to be very tiring to remember a lot of weeds. But it certainly will feel lighter when done together.Especially young people in my village is quite a lot.To divide a route clearance, we first gathered in the village hall.While on the way to go there together and Siti Nurul, we see a person sitting on the terrace of his palatial home while playing the guitar. Yak, the Korean man. Loh, instead of that time he said it was busy on Sunday?

"Young Saeng!" I called a little harsh. Her long fingers strumming a guitar that was stopped to hear my call, actually screams. He looked at me, still with no acuhnya view.

"Hey, Arni said you were busy this Sunday!" Said Nurul.

"Yes, I'm busy. See, I was playing guitar. "Ha! Play guitar like that he said a rush?

"You've officially become citizens of the Village Sawahan, it is appropriate that you have participated in community service." Says Siti.

"Lazy." Young Saeng turned into the house and shut the door loudly.Treated like that makes three of us ignited emotions, but we tried to mute it, be patient. Never mind, yet we are also not too lose simply because he did not join communal work. In fact in previous service projects run successfully without the presence of strange men.

Finally completed the division also took place after 15 minutes. I, Nuru, Siti, and three others were assigned to clean the weeds on the eastern side of the village. Huh, that's complex, home of the Korean people. Should we clean up his yard while the men just do not want to join community service? But looks are not fair to either side of the house clear of rubbish and weeds while luxury home page is dirty so many weeds. Finally we decided to just clean up the page. Strange indeed to see the mansion but the pages are not maintained. Does that person not have a maid or something?Usually rich people have it.The sun gets higher, the only head of a shielded stinging hairs. Hot indeed, but our spirit will not go down to get together to clean up the environment. Precisely this is fun. To divert boredom and fatigue, while at work we all talked and joked. One friend even some singing. Was deep-cleaning weeds and trash fun on this home page, a voice suddenly stop all our activity.

"Hey, you all! Can calm down?! It is very disturbing! And what do you do with my yard? "Someone muttered from the doorway. None other voters he is home, Heo Young Saeng.

"You should be grateful, you know! Would have us clean up your yard! "Said a friend of my son with a high tone.

" Look, this spacious yard looks so disgusting. "He added.

"Whatever, this is my home." Korean man turned and went into the house again.Brukk! Nurul slammed the broom upset. Everyone here is upset, me too. How not? We already want to be kind enough to clean up this page without asking in return, but instead be treated as such by the board owner. Ah, never mind. We leave just weeds and rubbish that has been painstakingly collected by us. Leaving the courtyard is dirty again.

"Ih, sucks, Ckckck." Comments Siti in the middle of the road to the village hall. Well, the home of Young Saeng is the last place that we clean
"Let it go, he'll lose himself." I said soothingly.

Day after day goes so quickly. Not felt today was Sunday again.Village youth will perform community service Sawahan again today.Grasses that have been cleaned out last week, now began to grow smaller. Rubbish that had been cleaned was apparently started again scattered along the road, though not as much as last week.Community service will continue to be held every week in order to keep the village clean and beautiful Sawahan. Thus create a healthy environment.Even so, one thing is very unfortunate. The new resident named Heo Young Saeng was not willing to participate in this communal work, again. Events last week are still ringing in my head and my friends so we are lazy to clean up the luxury home page. No, the house now does not look luxurious. What's in a luxury two-story house if the page just looks so nasty. All trash and weeds that we have not had time to collect and disposed of it strewn across the courtyard.Coupled with the new waste adorn. Actually we do not stand to see the sight, too distracting. Want to be immediately cleaned of all garbage. But our minds are not in line with the action. Do not want to repeat the incident last week.

* ♠ *

Hosh ... ... Hosh Hosh ... I gasped when he got in the classroom.Uniform wet part. Luckily I was wearing sandals, it would not take my shoes wet. Well, early in the morning I was treated to a heavy rain, although it is currently the rainy season. Huh, actually I'm lazy to school if you like it. But what could I do, I'm a student, it is my duty to study. My parents could not take, so with a heavy heart I walk to school. Luckily my school is not so far from home. Armed with an umbrella, I dashed through the rain as fast as possible. This is it, everything is wet. Brrr ... so cold.

"You swim out, huh? Haha. "Nurul said derisively. Huh, are increasingly making my mooddown.

"No, I have been plunged in the well." I replied curtly. But Nurul still laugh even harder.Ding dong ding! Bell clanged loudly in the ears. I immediately sat down and hugged myself, trying to imprison the heat in the body.Kuedarkan my eyes to the corners of the classroom. There is a bench that does not fill the student, in the back. Who would not go?Ah, yes, the Korean people.

"Young Saeng not go?" I asked at the Nurul.

"You do not know? He's sick. "Sick? Well, it turns out that the child can get sick too, hehe.

"What's wrong?"

"Said my mother and neighbors dengue fever." I was a little shocked, is that correct? I do not think he can be exposed to dengue fever. Though my village can be fairly clean and healthy. Ah, maybe he was exposed to mosquito bites elsewhere. Hm, pity him.Oh, yes, not that the parents have not been here? Then who accompanied him? The questions looming shadows in my mind.Duh, why did I worry about it.

"Hey, why are you dreaming?" Said Nurul jump.

"Ah, no." Well, now is not the time to daydream, but should concentrate on the lessons, especially lessons today, physics. I really suck in this lesson, huh. With semngat forced out, I tried to follow and understand penjalasan delivered by the teacher.

* ☺ *

Day after day passed. Young Saeng I hear back from the hospital.Knowing the news, she and some residents are flocking to see him.It's been like that, if there are people who hospitalization Sawahan the villagers will take turns to visit him. However, between parents and young children take turns visiting the other day. Now time for mothers to visit, perhaps Tomorrow the time for young people to see. Given some of the things that had happened, I was not sure if other young people want to visit Young Saeng.

My guess was correct. When I asked all young people, they absolutely refused to see Young Saeng. All, except the chairman Nurul and Siti and young people (because I made a little). I know, maybe some of them are still upset with the incident at the time. I actually was upset, but do not think it's best if allowed to continue.

On the day that was planned, the four of us (I, Nurul, Siti, and chairman of the youth) went to the house Young Saeng. Gosh, it was outside his home state is getting worse from day to day. In the sense that the more severe untreated. Waste of time that still exists here. The four of us could only shake his head. Semalas busy or what the hell is Young Saeng was not admitted to his house, actually home. Ah, I know now. This may cause make Young Saeng ill.Because of the rainy season of late, such as garbage cans and bottles to be filled with water. It is all very like mosquitoes. With still amazed, we walked to the door. As soon as we knocked on the door, a middle-aged woman ushered us inside. Who is he? We've never seen her before. Could family members Young Saeng?Finally she drove us to the room Young Saeng.Young Saeng looks pleased with our arrival. Although it still looks weak, he tried to sit with his head leaning on the bed. His face was pale. I handed him a basket of fruit who had been brought. Plus she looks happy. Wow, it turns out he's so cute when she smiles because there is a dimple on both cheeks. Too bad the other day he did not smile, so I'm only realizing it now, hehe.

"Thank you guys have to see me." Said Young Saeng sincere.

"You're welcome, how are you now?" I asked worried.

"Well, much better." The four of us be grateful to hear it. We can only hope and pray for a speedy recovery Young Saeng.Next we were just talking, talking about matters relating to Young Seng because he himself started.

"Oh yeah, you know not why you get sick?"

"Yeah, I've concluded that I can ill with dengue fever may be due to a dirty yard like that. Ah, I'm really sorry, friend. "The four of us smiled with pleasure as Young Saeng finally realizing the importance of clean environments, and how bad the environment is dirty.

"Will you help me clean up the page? I can not be alone. "Go Young Saeng.The four of us looked at each other Young Saeng consider the request but then we answered with a nod of the compact. Young Saeng is very pleased and say many thanks to us. He also apologized for the incident a few days ago. In the midst of the fun of talking, middle-aged women had entered with a tray of drinks and food. Young Saeng immediately invited us to drink.

"The woman whom?" Said Siti curious.

"He was a servant, but only comes every morning until the afternoon to clean house and cook." Young Saeng is clear that we respond with oh.

* ♣ *

According to the day as promised, I came alone to the house Young Saeng to help clean the yard. Siti and Nurul were told that they could not be helped because there is a family event. Well, what can we do. Young Saeng when he got home, I saw he was getting ready to clean tools. Young Saeng looks healthier, her face was pale no longer, and tape marks on the infusion had no hands. Especially now that Young Saeng has continued to smile, make it really look different than before.

"Hi, Arni! Where are the others? "Ask Young Saeng with a smile.

"Hi! Siti Nurul and unfortunately there was a family event today. "I replied. Young Saeng only nod to understand.Well, now we are just waiting for the chairman. But after waiting several minutes, he does not show-up as well. Finally we decided to start cleaning now, let's head will follow.But until the day we did not see the nose of the head. Than we had to shovel just this area alone. Huff, I was really tired. But see Young Saeng has not tired, she's still preoccupied runmput weed-strewn on his lawn. I'm glad to see him so excited.

"Ni, are you tired?" Said Young Saeng stop weeding activity.

"Yeah, a little tired." I replied as he shook my hand trying to dissipate heat ibaskan that stung the skin.

"Then we'll break it. Later discontinued, yet live a little. "Young Saeng pulled me to take shelter on the porch that is not less extensive. Then he took the tray from the inside. Wow, it contained a variety of delicious snacks and two drinks.

"It's drunk." Young Saeng said, handing me drinks. I gladly accept it.While enjoying a meal there, we looked at our current Young Saeng looks much cleaner than before we clean it. Rubbish strewn and scattered grasses are gone. Lived some grass in the corner that has not cleared the fence.

"Arni, why would you want to help me? Are not you upset with me. "Said Young Saeng suddenly made me surprised and a little choke.

"Well, that was days ago. Hahaha, what I remember the incident continues. There are many important things to remember. "Young Saeng laughed softly to hear my answer, we laugh together.

"Umm, can I just say something?"

"Hm? Yes of course allowed. Are not we talking of earlier. "Young smiled and said something I did not really understand.

"Geugeoseul cheoeumbwasseul ttaebuteo dangsini nan nae nuneul salojabeun neukkyeossda. Mullon dangsin eunjoheun yeoja, seumateu, geuligo aleumdabda. Nae yeojachingu halkkayo?Saranghaeyo (3). "What, what did he say? I honestly do not know any of what he said. Is not he can speak Indonesian, why should speak with the language of origin.

"Hey, I tell you I do not understand your language." I said: a little upset. Young Saeng was laughing.

"You find out the meaning, when you're out let me know and answer." Again and again he just smiled. Show such a sweet smile.Oh, no I must be crazy.

"Let us continue the cleaning again. Bear. "Young Saeng got up and went away leaving me still sit on the porch.He's been busy again struggling with grass weeds and trash. I'm still stuck on the porch, thinking about just one thing I remember. Well, I just remembered that I had heard it from my friends. Saranghaeyo.The last words spoken to me before Young Saeng, which means 'I love you'. Do Young Saeng love me?



(01) Mworago = What

(02) Gamsahamnida = Thank you
(03) Geugeoseul cheoeumbwasseul ttaebuteo dangsini nan nae nuneul salojabeunneukkyeossda. Mullon dangsin eunjoheun yeoja, seumateu, geuligoaleumdabda. Nae yeojachingu halkkayo? Saranghaeyo = Since the firstI see you I feel you caught my eye. Apparently you are a womanA good, smart, and beautiful. Will you be my girlfriend? love you.



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