Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong In Receiving Mail from Fans Stealth

Kim Hyun Joong's idol is very considerate to his fans. Thursday, May 24, outstanding photos on the internet under the title "Kim HyunJoong Thank Fans Without Known Letter of Bodyguardnya". The photo was taken from a recording fancam, May 20, at the weddingcomedian Jung Joon Ha.

In the photo, actor "Boys Over Flowers" (2009) it appearssurrounded by a guard of his bodyguards (bodyguards). HyunJoong then saw there was a fan who wanted to give him a letter.

Know the bodyguard would not allow him anywhere near the fans,Hyun Joong did a tactic. He stuck out his hand to the back toreceive a letter that fans without being noticed by the bodyguard.

Hyun Joong's actions matter much sympathy from netter. They praised the noble action.

"It's very touching at all. Now I understand why he has many fans,"commented a netter. "I'm not a fan, but imagine what she felt, I wastouched," wrote another netter. What was it about the letter's fans?



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