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Jeong Yoo-Mi, Nam Gung Min, and Kim Seung Woo Joining Kim Hyun Joong City Conquest

Jeong Yoo-Mi

Actress Jeong Yoo-mi has been cast for the role of Lee Dan-bi in the drama "City Conquest" according to her agency Neos Entertainment.

Lee Dan-bi has the occupation of a jewelry designer but is a character who dreams of the simplest truths.
"City Conquest" is an original based on writer Sin Hyeon-bin-I's popular comic about the hero who resents his father for abandoning him and his mother taking revenge on society. It is directed by Yang Yoon-ho and written by Hwang Joo-ha.

"City Conquest" hasn't been organized yet but will start shooting next month.


Nam Gung-Min

Actor Nam Gung-min have been decided to be making his 1 year comeback in TV screen.

According to Nam Gung-min's agency, Iyagi Entertainment on 19th June, they have revealed that Nam Gung-min will be casting in the upcoming drama 'City Conquest' and it is highly anticipated that this will be garnering a lot of Asia's fans attention towards this drama.

The drama 'City Conquest' is adapted from the famous comic series 'City Conquest' written by Shin Hyungbin and the comic series had sold nearly 10 million copies and it is still one of the top comic series among the varieties.

In the drama, Kim HyunJoong who have been decided as the lead role will be casting as 'Baek Mir'. Baek Mir leads a life full of resentment as a child towards his father who left Baek Mir's mother, and eventually when he grows up, he enters the black society to seek revenge from those who have destroyed his family. The drama 'City Conquest' is directed by director Yang Yunho who have also directed many dramas such as 'Iris', movie 'Wind Fighter', 'Holiday' and etc, with the drama script written by the scriptwriter for 'Lie To Me' & 'Spotlight' - Hwang Joo-ha.

What's more, Nam Gung-min who will be casting as Cha Ji-ryong depicts a character that have lost his mother because of his father. Even when he is full of ambition & hatred, when he faces the female lead who resembles her young mother, he is totally different and humble man.

Additionally, before the first drama shooting starts, it is confirmed that the drama will be pre-sold to Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong & etc for an approximate 11.8 billion won. Many viewers are looking forward to Kim HyunJoong & Nam Gung-min's drama conquering Asia.

On the other hand, 'City Conquest' is predicted to be aired later this year and the drama shooting will start on early July.

Source: Nate

Kim Sung Woo

Accordingly, through ties with ‘Iris’ director Yang Yoon Ho and PD Baek Jin Dong, Kim Seung Woo has made a decision to film City Conquest.

In City Conquest, Kim Seung Woo is set to star as Baek Seung Hyun, who secretly took care of the president’s secret funds for military development and possess a certain hidden influence and power, showing off his masculine aspect.

Baek Seung Hyun will play as Kim Hyun Joong’s father in the script, a character who finishes with all matters accurately and reliably, as well as a stout husband who takes care of his family boundlessly.

Even though Kim Seung Woo will only appear in five episodes, he is a very important chracter in the drama’s story development. It is expected that much anticipation will be placed on this chracter and his overwhelming charisma.

The drama, which will be adapted from the manga, is a story about the main lead character, who resented the father that abandoned himself as his mother while he was young. As a result, Bae Mi Reu (Kim Hyun Joong) grew up harboring thoughts of revenge against society. The drama aims to start airing during year end, with filming starting from 10 July onwards in Tokyo, Nikko Edomura, Tochigi prefecture.

Source: 머니투데이 스타뉴스



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