Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong Military Confirms Registration Date.

Military registration date has been confirmed Kim Kyu Jong is on July 23.

Kim Kyu Jong SS501 will become the first member to be entered compulsory military service, he will serve as an alternative service after four weeks of basic training.

B2M Entertainment Agency also revealed that he will release a song "thank you" to fans before the date of its registration.

Kim Kyu Jong previously announced in a handwritten letter to his fans that he would be conscripted.

He stated, "The reason I wrote a letter to the fans for the first time is that I will sign up in July."

Kyu Jong also Fan Meeting held earlier this month, and asked the fans to wait until he returns.

B2M notice - Kim KyuJong's Enlistment Details

Halo is B2M Entertainment.

Want to inform that the date of registration has been confirmed KyuJong Kim draftee.

Monday, July 23, 2012, Jeonju Division 35 Training Centre

Jeonju KyuJong be included in Division 35 on July 23 (Monday)
He will receive four weeks of basic training, after which it will serve as an officer of a public servant.

Currently KyuJong fill the time with the usual shooting schedule and produce a video as well as completing the making of the album will be released before his draftee registration.
He will work hard to have precious time with the fans before his draftee registration.

We hope you can give KyuJong much love and support in future too,
When he came back with a better-looking image and a healthy 2 years later.




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