Friday, July 6, 2012

Heo Young Saeng discusses his ‘Solo’ comeback and SS501′s future

Back to the mini album 'Solo', SS501 Heo Young Saeng recently received Ilgan Sports interview to discuss his latest activities and future plans of SS501.

Consider the following interview!

Q. "Why did you choose the title of the album 'Solo'?"

"There are a variety of meanings. Lyrics to the title track on what happens to men after breaking up, and I feel it fits my situation when I tried to stand alone, away from SS501. I participated in the production of the album and spend lots of time for this. Album correct I made absolutely full of hard work. "

Q. "What kind of title track 'Crying' is?"

"I love it when you first receive it. The women in particular have a good reaction to it. I guess I'm getting like this song because I wrote the lyrics himself. Reminiscent of my own story when it broke up three years ago. I had a lot of heartache at the time, and every song I listened as my own. This song reminds me of when I feel so miserable because he could not resist him. "

Q. "You take a year to release a second album since the debut solo album perdanamu."

"I do not think it took this long. I was depressed with a second album that I think should make it better than the first. I want to show great progress. From the beginning of the album, I participated in collecting the songs and produce them. It is difficult to determine where I almost depressed, but I can handle it. "
Q. "During that time, you're also working on musicals and sitcoms."

"I'm starring in the musical 'The Three Musketeers'. At first I was concerned and determined to cleanse the liver and to learn from scratch. More I do, the more I want to improve and better. Show last made me feel empty, so I cried. In KBS2TV' I Need Fairy 'I acted as a Hallyu star. Despite many shortcomings, I think there's fascination in the act. "

Q. "Are you dating?"

"When a loved one, I can not focus on anything else. I know it so I do not want to get stuck in it. To date, more mainstream work. I believe the saying that men should take precedence because of the skills you can find good people to live with you after you're successful. "

Q. "Is there a rivalry between the members of SS501?"

"There is healthy competition. Because Hyun Joong reach the position to him first and got a lot of public recognition, people think we are jealous of him, but that's not true. More recently, all members have so much free time, so we often meet. We drank and discuss the future of SS501. Of course, Hyun Joong who pays. "

Q. "Is SS501 will return together?"

"We are encouraged by reunian Shinhwa. I watch them on a talk show after a comeback and suddenly received a message from all members of SS501 asked, 'Did you watch it?' It made me realize that we are truly one. I think we lost the opportunity because it is very difficult to unite all our schedules align. I think the right time is when we all came out of the draft. "



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