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SSTV Interview - Heo Young Saeng "Album Production, Tired To The Brink Of Depression"

Soft melody, the dance movements are stronger. The story of a solo singer Heo Young Saeng with comeback album "SOLO".

Lead singer idol group SS501 Heo Young Saeng, again with a second mini album "SOLO" and the title song "Crying" to see the enthusiastic public. (In fact SBS Inkigayo comeback June 17 is the last stage to promote her second album)

Greater pressure

"Starting activity after one year, starting with a new feeling became stronger. Mood on the first album, there's an empty feeling. But this time, I really tried to get into it. Must be completed properly, so the pressure is greater. "

Mainly for album this, he is personally perform lot of preparation, parts whichever is most difficult, she herself even could not remember it. The first "it's really very difficult" with this he began his story.

"For the last album though I" mix "with a lot of things, but this time expanded as a producer, there is a broader level of energy investment made in this album is currently preparing an album, I almost tormented in depression alone. There are many responsibilities that have to bear. "

The right concept and the direction this album has not even confirmed, and the production of the album should be started. Therefore, from the lyrics, costumes, choreography, MV concept, designed the album jacket, there are many parts that must be considered, for example, a scenario that he faces. "Young Saeng ah, what concept do you want to MV?" "Young Saeng ah, you're also thinking about the design of albummu jacket?"

Regarding the planning or direction for the entire album, as long as it has not been determined, from start to finish, the holder of the improvements, such as the rise of ideas is the duty and responsibility. Despite all this the responsibility of the producer, when you deal with that condition, you will be confused and lost in the difficulty of what to do. Therefore, after going through the trouble for this album, he is also widely grown, as it says, basically developments.

"Love, be honest .. Very Afraid. Acting ..."

Before attempting an acting capacity in the sitcom "Sent From Heaven", we covered the story in a musical act. Musical challenges Heo Young Saeng, other than an idol singer, he happened to consider later. Namely the musical "Three Musketeers" in which he participated in the latter part of last year.

"Previously, although there are some representations (musical), but strangely I'm not interested beraking. To be honest, I was very scared."

Although it must gather courage, could be a so-called 'family oppa' and 'musical actor as he knows' who became close after participating in a joint project Um Ki Jun, Kim Bum Rae, hope' he can feel more comfortable. Shin Sung Woo hyung especially living in a condo that is also acting on it, making it more comfortable. But in reality, during exercise, he had never seen this hyung.

Continue after the musical during the fall, Heo Young Saeng was challenged in acting during the spring. Idol singers who tried acting, not new anymore, maybe it has become like a "normal sequence". But the challenge of acting has a slightly different nuance. Imejnya as 'oenyanyi' lead singer has been planted too deep, so when he acted the first time, there is such a feeling of surprise.

"From the beginning I've wanted to act. But all is not smooth or successful, as I really wanted to act, the people around me say 'Right you really wanted to act? Every time I would answer the same answer, everyone's reaction was' Do not know if you really want to berakting. "

In the KBS 2TV sitcom "Sent From Heaven", Character Heo Young Saeng as hallyu star FEET (Young Saeng), has a bad boy image, but sometimes funny images makes everyone laugh as through different transformations. In this sitcom, she and Cha Nara (played Woori) form a love story.

"Although it was first tried acting, but very interesting. Of course many a regrettable part, seemed to increase gradually, so I'm very happy. Will work harder."

Although SS501 Trying Unleashes the Album the Joint ...

The topic of SS501 is very difficult to avoid. Already owned by different companies, each member is busy with their own individual activities, thinking about it, it is very difficult for them being together.

"Although it is difficult to meet, but we keep in touch. In fact, we were thinking about releasing the album, we even talk about it, but schedule conflicts made it so done."

'The clashes schedules' Several times a, nearly synch, but still not could connected. In fact, Kim Kyu Jong who was in the same company to Heo Young Saeng, who first decided to enroll conscript among all member SS501, making coordination of schedules 5 member becomes more difficult. When Kim Jong Kyu fanmeeting held on June 3 before registration, all members of SS501 gathered together, proudly showing their close friendship. June 8, also the anniversary of seven years of SS501's debut.

In addition to members of SS501, Heo Young Saeng has a lot of good friendships with other artists or hoobae sunbae it, he was very proud of the extensive network of connections and deep. Decided to accept a role in the musical, and also 'musical actor as he knows Um Ki Jun, Kim Bum Rae, and also people who are obsessed with online gaming, but also took him to a real game (football, basketball, baseball, etc.), and the leader A good sportsman Seo Ji-seok's very close.

Recently he and members of the celebrity soccer team Ji-seok "FC Goodie" also did a lot of sports activities, and become closer to hoobae. FT island Lee Hongki, Oh Won Bin, Infinite Seong Yeol and Sung Gyu, U-Kiss Dongho dll, as long as football competition celebrity, extremely pleased when he managed to scored a goal. Of course it's good, but the real sense has not come out.

Promotion album second for domestic market this is too brief, fans voicing their regret. Fans only are able to watch temporary 'Actor Heo Young Saeng' through screens TV to treat remorse their.

Heo Young Saeng will start this new challenge from September onwards. He will release a regular album in Japan, and also started preparations for a solo concert. Please forward singer Heo Young Saeng conquer the world.

Source: SSTV



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