Saturday, July 28, 2012

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong Enters the Army, "I Want to go Early to Show a Better Side of Me When I Return"

Jong Kyu Kim entered the military with the support of a fellow member of SS501.

On July 23, SS501's Kim Kyu Jong did a brief interview with reporters in front of a military base before entering.

Kim Kyu Jong, 25-year-old, relatively young compared to other celebrities who join the military. Most celebrity men conscripted in the early 30s.

Kim Kyu Jong agency, B2M Entertainment said, "We think it appropriate for him to go now and show the better side of him after he returned. This is what Kim Kyu Jong want and we want to prevent it. Of course he could put it off, but he wanted go early and was reunited with his fans as a real man. "

Kim Kyu Jong, who appeared at a military base with a white shirt and jeans, can not hold happiness at the sight of hundreds of fans came to see him despite the hot weather.

Kim Kyu Jong said, "Time flies. Been 7 years since I met fans. I think two years will pass like that too."

On this day, SS501 Kim Hyung Joon and Huh Yeong Seng to come take her departure. Kim Kyu Jong said, "They come here to support me, lead member feels weird. I think they were more upset than me."

Kim Kyu Jong told the fans to wait for 2 years, "Thank you very much for coming. I will return safely. Member others will fill my empty place. Please continue to support us."



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