Saturday, October 13, 2012

SS501's Park Jung Min asked for compensation from the agency's previous

SS501's Park Jung Min recently filed a loss of 200 million won against former agency.

According to the law on October 11, Park filed a lawsuit against the loss of 200 million won CNR Media and President of the Company, the Seoul Central District Court.

Park insists, "I signed a three-year contract in October, 2010 and paid 400 million won. But the agency does not pay income accordingly. They gave an official statement from the account last year, but no details of income and they do not even attach proof of income and expenditures. "

"Although the agency no income and deficit, they should tell me about it, but they did not. Instead, they said I was not cooperative and gave me all the reason."

Park previously filed suit in July the agency to cancel the contract.



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