Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SS501's Park Jung Min Denies Dating Rumors with Designers, Song Hye Myung

SS501's Park Jung Min recently exposed the issue of dating a designer. He said he had no relationship with Song Hye Myung. The singer is now busy in musical insists they are just friends.

"It is true that they were close friends, but never dated. They met only for employment problems," said agency spokesman Yamaha A & R, Tuesday (30/10). "Song Hye Myung several times to lend his design clothes on Jung Min. So maybe there is a misunderstanding here."

Jung Min is currently busy preparing material for the album was released mid-November. "Regarding this rumor, Jung Min will stay focused on the job," added the spokesman for the agency.

Previous Song Hye Myung wrote Facebook status that said he was the lover Jung Min. He wrote his frustration as decided by Min Jung in a way not good.

"Thanks for making me look like a fool. You left me alone, I could not reach you and your agency treated me badly," wrote Hye Myung time. "What I mean to you? Am I the person can use when you need it? I want you to respect me."

But moments later deleted the post Hye Myung. He insisted he did not lie and do not accept accused of threatening Jung Min. "I did not lie because it is not good at it and is no lie," he wrote on October 30.



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