Friday, December 28, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong New Serial (City Conquest) Denied Live in Korea

Action series starring Kim Hyun Joong certainly not be aired in three major South Korean TV stations. KBS, MBC and SBS decided to refuse to buy broadcasting rights series called "City Conquest" was due to various considerations.

One of the reasons they rejected the series because he felt the series "City Conquest" is not appropriate at this TV station aired. In addition, they also heard that the serial production has been discontinued.

"Baek Media, the production of 'City Conquest' keen to sell the series to the station KBS," the representative said the TV station. "But we decided to consider a variety of things and this series is not in accordance with KBS and ultimately reject it."

"The production of the series has also been offered to the MBC and SBS, but they decided to turn it down," said one source. "The reason is because the story and the production costs of this series can not be accepted by most TV stations. Far as we know, filming the series has also been stopped."

Serial "City Conquest" was filmed live in Japan and use a number of advanced visual effects action movie style. The film also starred TURT Jung Yu Mi, Nam Gung Min and Kim Seung Woo. Although rejected by a number of Korean TV station, but in the early production representative claimed rights to broadcast the series "City Conquest" has purchased a number of countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States and Switzerland.



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