Monday, April 16, 2012

Other SS501's Facts (Kim Hyung Joon)

1. Baby of SS501 because of the age and natureso he was given the nickname like that.
2The youngest member among all the member
3Better known as Baby by the fansbecause his name is almostsimilar to Hyun Joongalso because he is the baby of SS501
4Have very white skin. When the interviewhe said that he hadattempted to use a variety of make-up to blacken his skin.
5.Tinggal in MelbourneAustralia for 2 years
6SS501 is the enemy of bulliesespecially Jung Min
7She likes to mix up the word - English word in every conversation.
8He was very coolHe does not care what SS501 member said to him.
9Always fight with Jung Minboth of them like Tom & Jerry
10. Very fond of BoA
11Younger brother - brother is also a singerFirst he joined Xingand U-KISS (but now it's out)They are both very mirpevensometimes difficult to distinguish.
12Having an online store with his ​​brother.



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