Wednesday, May 16, 2012

18 Things That Make demand for Korean Drama

Following list the Korean drama:
1. Very respect for parents, in the sense of not going against the parents, although parents sometimes be wrong. Korean drama series or movie is the image of Korea's own culture, Eastern culture that still cling to the ethics and propriety. Unlike movies or soap operas in Indonesia that often show children who rebel, rebel, no manners, always arguing with parents jugular vein, Korean films far from all bad things were. You certainly will not find these scenes, even if you're staring at a lot of Korean dramas.

2. Many story has broken heel. Was found in a drama series Princess Hours, Full House, Boys Before Flowers

3. Run competition. It is always depicted as two men like women who sama. Ifeach party feels that most women are entitled to the same, to determine who is most entitled to win her love, the men were going to hold a race. The competition had only known and followed by both of them respect the commitments they saja. Usually, who lost a sporting arena of the struggle resigned to pursue her dream. With a record of the race had become meaningless, if the woman finally set the options on the losing side

4. At Korean films are also often encountered a scene which considers sacred keepsakes. Hence they often planted the object.For example, in the television series Princess Hours, which was planted two train tickets to mark the first encounter with the prince's first love railway station waiting room. Later in the movie Almost Love off the keepsakes is a toy marbles and a bell that sounds when the wind blows. The memories are still attached in the comedy My Sassy Girl which also have keepsakes (love letters) planted on the hill which is characterized by a banyan tree.

5. Drunk off with a drink arak, the traditional drink Korea.Jika someone was in trouble, whether it was about family, love, work, the best way to temporarily escape from the problems that preoccupy is drinking wine. Almost in every Korean movie scene drunk was found.

Do not need love at first sight or do not have to live together withpeople WHO love loved. Because can be grown over time. Able to bind together, unify taste, and finally creates a feeling of profound love and depend on each other. This is seen clearly in the television series Full House, Miss.Kim 's Million Dollar Quest, Summer Scent, Love to Kill.

7. The characters portrayed are not "jaim" alias guard image. They behave as it is, without any impression made-buat.Seperti Song Hye-Kyo, who plays Han Ji-eun to regurgitate the contents of the food indifferently to Rain, who plays Li Yeong-jae, because of a glut.Though Li Yeong-jae is a great actor who is very gallant. In the movie Princess Hours, we will smile amused and disgusted when I discovered Princess Scen-jing has turned out to slobber a lot, even wet the back of the Prince Li-Xin, even though they had slept together for the first time.

  Dared to speak up when they get drunk from drinking wine. 

9. There will be scenes of love-love hug or a kiss kiss here and there in the Korean series. Korean director is known for his economy and stingy in showing scenes of hugs and kisses. That's why Korean drama series is guaranteed safe to watch the kids though, and parents do not need to be embarrassed if it should be "watching together" with the kids mereka.Tak like most soap operas and films Indonesia that many have no identity, becoming westernized westerlies, easy to find scenes of hugs and kisses that are sometimes unnecessary, Korean series is still keeping the Eastern culture. As the people of Indonesia who is also the East, I am proud to watch Korean movies. Even if there is a kissing scene, it's certainly not a French-style hot kiss, but only kiss typical Korean, just put each other's lips, but it felt even more seductive and intriguing.

10. Korean people depicted in the film often talk when their mouths full of food. Sometimes the food is poured into the other person. It seems the Korean culture, it is not considered taboo, or something rude and embarrassing.

Koreans have also described a high level of welfare for the arts ineveryday life. Easily meet the performers Korean movie theater, dance, play musical instruments, especially piano.

12. If promised to meet in a place, often fail for one reason or another - for example, late trains, jammed roads and so forth. Or simply because the "difference" way (Wonderful Life, My Sassy Girl).

13. A sickness that often appear in the story of Korean films are forgotten memories and childhood leukemia (Winter's Sonata, Summer Scent, Wonderful Life, Sangdoo Let's Go to School, love andless).

14. Korean film often have more than one title (if it aired in different countries). For example, or Winter Ballad Winter Sonata. Or Stairway to Heaven also has another title: Stairway of Heaven and Stairly Way to Heaven, playfull and NUGHTY KISS KISS, and Boys Before Flowers Boys Over Flowers.

15. Korean film director does not seem to assume an important title of the film - and sometimes even from

16. The casts often speak for itself with certain objects, such as the tomb, beaches, photos, dolls, books, or objects that players are comfortable ngebuat / angry

17. if you're confused do the whole hog, players often put a finger to the tip of the tongue and stick it on the tip of the nose and do it again and again

18. If feel cheated, players often hitting his head while saying the word "PHABO" or stupid



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