Monday, July 2, 2012

[Kim Kyu Jong] Between Military Conscription and Hepatitis B

As has been reported previously Kyu Jong will enter the draft next July 23 as a public service officer (not as a soldier) for 2 years. Why so? Because according to the agency Kyu Jong, she is a carrier of Hepatitis B. Korea Law in accordance Hepatitis B exempted from compulsory military duty. But after a change in the law now he memenui entry to the draft. Here's a little explanation of the Hepatitis B:

Hepatitis B is liver inflammation caused by the "Hepatitis B Virus" (HBV). People can suffer from Hepatitis B at birth (through labor), injections with unsterilized needles and through sex. For the case of Kyu Jong, maybe he did not know if he's a carrier (carrier). His mother probably also when she was pregnant carrier Kyu Jong.

However, Kyu Jong should be very careful, he may not have current health problems, but in recent years might develop liver diseases like cirrhosis or liver cancer worse. We must believe Kyu Jong is a very healthy person. He only needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and he will be safe from it all.

Kyu Jong Because only carriers, the virus in his body like a time bomb. Once active (low immune system / unhealthy lifestyle), he can become infected and lead to Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B can not be cured through vaccination. This is just a precaution. Our bodies can get rid of virus / infection itself after months or years. Carrier is not necessarily infected and suffering from Hepatitis B.



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