Thursday, August 2, 2012

SS501 Park Jung Min Wins Case Against Agency for Contract Cancellation

The Court ruled in favor of Park Jung Min in his case against the agency CNR Media.

The decision came on July 30. Thus, Park Jung Min will now be able to promote in Korea and abroad regardless of his contract with CNR Media until the judge issued a decision.

In October 2010, Park Jung Min has signed a three-year contract with CNR Media, a joint venture between Taiwan and Korea. During the promotion overseas after his solo comeback, he filed for cancellation of contract in April 2012.

Park Jung Min asserted in the case against CNR Media "(1) Although the CNR Media have to balance all revenue earned through exclusive contracts in 20 days they received, the company did not do the job but given half the down payment and (2) However, it should be provide proof of income documentation balanced every time, just do it year after the contract has been signed, and even then the document omitted income, deductions are calculated over and failed to attach a reference material. This is why the contract was canceled in December 2011. "

Department of Justice recognizes the truth in any statement, and thus the contract has been suspended.

It was found that if the contract is continued, Park Jung Min will incur a loss, and would inhibit the freedom to choose his job as a celebrity.

Park Jung Min's lawyer, lawyer Huh Jong Sun, said the decision was, "This decision shows that although the contract between the celebrity and the institution itself is fair, can be canceled if the agency does not play a role in balancing the distribution of income or revenue on the contract. It means so much to common practice to delay the balance of income and distribution in showbiz. With this decision, Park Jung Min can be active in Korea and abroad until the trial itself. "

Even during the trial, Park Jung Min continues to uphold his promise to his fans, attending all the schedule set by the CNR Media including the promotion for Taiwan drama Sugarcake Garden.



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