Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some quotes ever uttered SS501's personnels (READ this!!!)

Kim Hyun Joong (currently held playfull kiss pressconf): "We neversaid anything about the rumor broke SS501. We have not decidedanything. People outside always said that we would break up, but it never came out of our mouths! What if in future, we still attend the event together? release of the album together? What do you think?"

Park Jung Min (when interview with Play magazine): "SS501 personnels just doing solo activities. We will not disband, until any time!"

Kim Hyun Joong: "Thanks to all TRIPLE'S for always with us!"

Kim Hyung Joon: "I just carry out solo activities, and Ialways believed that the SS501 is my career in singing."

Kim Kyu Jong: "When we think of you guys have a lot of support SS501, we are really very grateful."

Heo Young Saeng: "If our hearts have become one, then we are one forever, right?

Kim Hyun Joong: "I will continue to walk with SS501's personnels."

Park Jung Min: "My favorite word is 'SS501'. This is the strongest fortress in my life."

Kim Kyu Jong"Remember that we said to grow old together? I'll addone more! Growing old with a smile!"

Kim Hyung Joon: "We, the SS501 will not go anywhere, always going along with everyone until we die."

Heo Young Saeng: "Always smiling through life!"

Kim Hyung Joon: "As Shinhwa, we will pursue our individual dreams,but we have always been part of the SS501."

*Ommo!! We are TRIPLE'S always and forever love and support you, SS501 ♥*



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