Saturday, July 21, 2012

‘City Conquest’ releases stills of Kim Hyun Joong on a motorcycle

Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming drama ‘City Conquest‘ has finally begun filming in Japan.
Directed by PD Yang Yun Ho of the hit drama ‘Iris‘, the drama is staffed by the same special effects team and is quickly being nicknamed by fans of the original drama as ‘Iris 2′.
Their latest scenes recorded involved a motorcycle chase scene along with a car explosion that took days to actually complete due to the security measures involved and the amount of timing it takes to make sure everything happens on cue.
Kim Hyun Joong showed ease with his motorcycle and impressed producers with his natural skill on the bike, creating a heavy, tension-filled atmosphere on the set as soon as the PD’s “Action!” rang out into the air.
The staff actually exploded two cars on the set for the scene, making for one dangerous work environment due to the debris and the fire, but everyone is trucking on for the sake of the drama.
A representative revealed, “We’ve completely redone the original story of ‘City Conquest’ so we’re trying to keep the plot under wraps as much as possible. The motorcycle chase and the car explosion scenes are just the beginning of more to come.”




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