Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kinds of Korean Festival (it seems fun)

• Haeundae Sand Festival
Haeundae is the most popular beaches in South Korea. Beautiful beaches and white sand became the main attraction of this beach.In the summer, the beach is a beach the first to be visited residents and tourists in Korea to enjoy basking in summer sunshine. No wonder, a place to hold the festival Haeundae beach.
The Haeundae Sand Festival, visitors can enjoy a variety of replicas of famous monuments in the world are made of sand beach. The author is the international teams battling for the big prize if winning the competition making this replica. In addition to the replica, the other attraction is that visitors can try a "buried" by the hot sand.
Reportedly, this unique activity can increase the health and beauty for those who do. If you do not want to "buried", visitors can still enjoy the fireworks are displayed at night. Or still there are many other beaches typical of competition, such as beach volleyball competition or run a marathon. Or visitors can simply enjoy a stroll along the beach is nearly two kilometers of white sand and enjoy the softness of the eroded by the legs of the step.
Haeundae Sand Festival is usually held in early June, at the weekend. This festival began in 2005 was held as part of APEC activities.

• Gangneung Dano Festival
Are interested in Korean culture festival, Gangneung Dano Festival is a great place to visit. In this festival, visitors can watch traditional Korean wedding ceremony and the manufacture of a typical Korean rice.
A unique, visitors can also see the contest speak the local dialect, wash your hair with a flag, and drank alcohol for the Gods. Drinking alcoholic beverages to the Gods or so-called Sinju Bitgi is opening the festival activities.
After that, the festival will continue with the Daegwallyeong Guksa Seonghwangje which is a memorial service for Monk Beomil maintain trust and Yeongsinje Gangneung region.
Furthermore, the event will be filled with a variety of traditional activities such as wrestling competitions, swing riding, and other unique competition. In this festival, the spiritual power was strong look. Local residents believe that the spiritual forces that are on the mountain will come down and bless Yeongdong region, the location of the festival, through Namdaecheon River.

• Boryeong Mud Festival
This is the most exciting festival of foreign tourists to stop off. As the name implies, this is the festival that invited visitors to bersenangsenang in a "puddle" of mud.
Daecheon held on the beach, participants can play wrestling, skating, or even swimming in a giant pool that contains mud. This festival will be held on July 17 to 25, 2010. A variety of activities ranging from street parades, yacht parade, mud massage, painting with mud, to live music and party till the night is laid to enliven the festival.

• World Tekwondo Culture Expo
A total of 2,000 participants from 50 countries came to the festival is to follow the competitions, seminars, and exhibitions. What's interesting about this festival, of course, in addition to martial arts taekwondo attractions, there are also cultural shows, sightseeing tours around the Muju, Buan, and Jeonjo, a place that became the forerunner of the birth of this sport in Korea.

• The Great Battle of Hansan Festival
Great Battle of Hansan is one of four famous sea battles in the history of Korea. To honor the memory of Admiral Lee Sun as well as Shin-leader in the battle, this festival was organized.
In this festival, visitors can see replicas Geobukseons, Korean warship used in the fighting. There are also parades, dance performances, as well as plenty of food dishes. Visitors can also see the beautiful scenery Tongyeong City, venue for the event, which is often dubbed as the Naples of Asia.



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