Saturday, June 2, 2012

Letter from KYU JONG for fans

ThanKYU Triple S ~ 

Hello! ^ ^ 
It is Kyu Jong ~ I know I've said too often, but do not the time passed so quickly? I felt like I had just debuted yesterday ... but now it is June 2012 ~ Have you carry all your stacking plan before? It's not too late ~ ~ So think again fighting ^ ^ The reason I write this letter to you after so long ~ is because I have decided to enter military service in July of this ^ ^ I personally like to announce to all of you, the person I love . I'm very happy, because I've made ​​a lot of good memories thank you for your love and support that never ends. Thanks to you, my beloved, 20-s period of my life has been a lot of fun. As I always say, I want to give more love to you like you've always given me! ^ ^ I want to reward you with memories of a fine from now onwards. Let's promise to improve ourselves and to meet again in 2 years! I'm looking forward to the time to be spent with your loved ones on June 3 tomorrow. I'll see you all on that day ~ Let's make memories filled with laughter as we always do. Let's make sweet memories with ~ Thanks ^ ^ And blessed ...

We will always love n support you^^//



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