Friday, June 1, 2012

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong will serve in the army in July

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong will serve in the army on July. After receiving 4 weeks of basic military training at the training center, he will serve the country for 2 years. Representative said, "He can put it off much longer, but he thought that would be better if it goes now to plan the next phase of life. After he got out of the draftee, he plans to return to the world of entertainment with the hearts and minds of the lighter, " Until now, Kim Kyu Jong as a member of SS501, doing promotions with subgroups and even released a solo album. Speaking of music, he meets a lot of rights that he wanted to achieve. He also tasted acting in musicals, dramas webtoon up to the weekly TV drama Chosun 'Saving Ahjooma Go Bong Shil'. But Kim Kyu Jong thinks that it is very important to build identitadnya as an actor and singer before draftee, and after discussions with many people around him, he decided to conscript in July. Representative continued, "Kyu Jong was born in 1987 so he still had time before having to conscript. but he showed a strong desire to serve, and we can look forward to many activities after he completed conscript, so we respect his decision. " Kim Kyu Jong shelter under DSP Media agency but later moved to Lee Hyori, namely B2M, explore the options in the world of music and acting.

And how about the SS501's comeback? It is true .... A GOOD BOYBAND HAS MANY TRIAL .. wkwkwk the trials to test how patiently his fans ^ ^ / / * I think*
FIGHTING OPPA!!! : D we will always support you!



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