Monday, June 4, 2012

SS501 reunited in Kim Kyujong's last fanmeeting

Set to be enlisting in the military this July, Kim Kyujong held his last fan meeting "Thank U ThanKYU with TripleS" on June 3rd at Yonsei University in Seoul. In the fan meeting, Kim Kyujong showcased numerous performances, interacted with fans through interviews and games as well as through meet and greet sessions.

Fans were further surprised to spot SS501's Kim Hyunjoong, Heo Youngsaeng, Kim Hyungjun and Park Jungmin present in the event. On one part of the event, Kim Hyunjoong, Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Hyungjun joined Kim Kyujong on stage for a short interview for the fans. Park Jungmin was reported to have stayed in the audience area for unreported reasons. Despite leaving DSP Media two years ago, SS501 promised that they will not disband and asked them to anticipate their return.

Kim Kyujong will enlist in the military this July and will undergo four weeks military training before beginning his 2 year services.




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