Thursday, June 21, 2012

SS501's Kim Hyung Jun finally reveals teaser for both solo

SS501 Kim Hyung Joon, the star will be back in early July with a new album, finally revealing teaser image and his fans get very excited.

After his first solo last year's My Girl, Kim returned with a second solo album titled Escape. On his official website, he revealed his new teaser photo.

For one year and four months on the sidelines, Kim became a successful actor in the TV series She's Glowing and Love You, get another title, actor, "idol". Now he is back to its original career, a singer.

In the photo page, Kim draws attention to the mysterious yet masculine style. Its silhouette under a beam of light bouncing off the dark background gives a strong impression, more emphasis on masculine image. Also, the black costume that highlights the shoulders and waist to show off the body tegapnya, muscular, and a triangular shape. Contrast with the previous image is soft and warm, now he's appealing to a mature and sexy charm, raised hopes among fans over.

Fans who saw the posts they will react: "daebak his new album ~! I can see the remarkable charisma in one picture" "Finally, a second solo album came out I waited a long time." "The image and the mysterious appearance of a strong masculine look fabulous ~" "He now looks like a real man". "The silhouette was a bounce in the light looks so sexy." "July, come quick!"

This album seemed to be more powerful and impressive, he is expected to be back with more mature music and more emotion in early July.



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