Monday, July 2, 2012

B2M Staff Report – Kim Kyu Jong

Hello. This is the person-in-charge.

It has been really a long time since I published a report here.

Prior to the announcement of enlistment, this is KyuJong’s last present before his enlistment which he built up with the memories with everyone… Album production is in progress.

Attaching the photo!! Received the master CD and is at the final stages of the production.

And about the ‘fan song’ music source which we received telephone and email queries on,

We will probably have a confirmation of (release) date by this week.

One more thing to tell you…

The title of the song which fans have called it ‘Fan Song’ is ^^

[ Thank you ]

We are also planning for something that allows everyone to spend time together, please be there.

Weather has turned hotter. Please drink lots of water!

Rainy season is also starting.

Listen to KyuJong’s recommended song in the rainy days^^

Well then, will be checking back again!!

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