Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong farewell before the army

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong of the July 23 around 1 pm Jeonju Jeonju said the 35 testimony admitted in the four camps.

White T-shirts, jeans and comfortable clothes, appeared maechihae Kim Kyu Jong despite the hot weather, he came to camp for the hundreds of fans watching at home and abroad face could not conceal his joy.

Take off your hat in front of fans and reporters, Kim Kyu Jong "The very fast time. Fans and met almost seven years have passed, so I think two years would go faster," he said.

SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon and vanity, the day of production for the first time the military service, Kim Kyu Jong left the pole 35 to send the four camps visited together. Kim Kyu Jong is a member in connection with the support that message, "Kim Hyung Joon pastry vanity for me to cheer me up here wajwotda. Members that leave you feeling more hadeora. Enlisted reacts, crying seems to be more than that," he said thank you.

Finally, Kim Kyu Jong is approximately two years to wait for his fans, "Thank you so much for coming is safe and healthy care of yourself do. Our members while in the army instead of me, and hard activity is expected to fill the vacant position. Please get a lot of support "he urged.

Covering the opening day ever in a heated pole 35 four camps at admission Kim Kyu Jong received a four-week basic military training to the alternative service after two years.

Meanwhile, SS501 2005 single album 'SS501' Kim Kyu Jong debuted with the June 1 letter handwritten on his official website announced that show your enrollment after June 3, attended by members of the fan meeting in the auditorium at Yonsei University 'Thank U ThanKYU with TripleS 'opened up. Following the July 18 mini-Kyu Jong 2nd album "American Meat Again (Meet Me Again) 'farewell gift to the fans and the balmaehae a MC who worked as a Y-STAR' siksin Road" was off at.



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