Saturday, August 11, 2012

CNR Media believes that the revenue demands of Park Jung Min is 'absurd'

CNR Media, a former agent SS501 Park Jung Min, has objected to the court ruling that cut off their exclusive contract with the Park. They appealed the decision, saying that Park Jung Min has asked the income is too high.

CNR Media reported through a press release on August 8, "In the framework of the signing of cooperation with Park Jung Min, we pay a deposit of 400 million KRW (~ $ 354,000 USD) and pre-pay an additional 150 million KRW (~ $ 133,000 USD) in of 2011. This is a very good contract conditions for every celebrity in the same rank with the Park. "

They continued, "When he started with tax returns at the end of 2011, Park Jung Min asks about 80% of total company revenue, which more than 700 million KRW (~ $ 621,000 USD). Less all costs, the company calculates the total benefit to $ 266,500 USD , which is far less than what he requested. an unreasonable amount of income that he had demanded for no good reason is a number calculated unilaterally, and is a way to terminate the contract with the company. "

However, Park Jung Min agency stated, "There's no point in taking action [respond]. CNR Media has received huge profits from the activities of Park Jung Min in various countries, however, there is no benefit in it for Park Jung Min. All the more, even when there is no support, enterprises assisted with more functions and events where Park Jung Min himself had to find a stylist and other help for him. "

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min stated last April, "Apart from the 150 million Won I received last year, the company has not paid my income correctly. I requested to terminate my contract" and the court accepted his temporary disposition.



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