Tuesday, August 28, 2012


(NAMI Island)

1. Koreans love to eat garlic because is believed to neutralize the blood .
2. Koreans rarely eat with your hands because seen as impolite.
3. Now in Korea there is no determination of graduation exams for students. In Korea, two weeks before the test, a library full of students who want to learn.
4. In Korea, if a lecturer was too late though only 2 minutes, the teacher will immediately apologize to the students.
5. All students are required to leave Korea for 1 semester or more for a student.
6. In Korea, kimchi is believed to enhance one's appetite
-Kimchi can prevent cancer.
-Kimchi is a lot made of chicory and radish
-Kimchi has a high fiber content but low in calories
-Kimchi into five healthiest foods in the world Magazine Health Magazine.
7. When taking photos, the Korean people prefer to say 'kimchi' instead of 'cheese'.
8. In Korea, search engines Google and Yahoo's less popular.
9. Koreans prefer local search engines such as Daum http://www.daum.net/.
10. Korean teen slang abbreviations are more likely shaped like Amigo, one of SHINee's title song.
11. Amigo stands: Areumdaun Minyeorueljoahamyeon Gosaenghanda (Heart So Sick When You Fall In Love With a Beauty).
12. In Korea there is a ghost called Dokkaebi mischievous, kind tuyul. Having a horn on his head and always carry a magic wand.
13. Koreans love to eat noodles in the pan because if moved to another place feel less heat and it has become a habit.
14. Korean people are free to choose their religion. Even the Korean people were allowed to not have / adopt any religion. The population of south korea are not / do not have a religion around 46.5%.
15. Koreans usually eat while sitting dibantal (without seats) on a low table with your feet menyila.
16. Hallyu or the Korean Wave is the term given to the spread of Korean pop culture in various countries around the world.
17. Korean TV companies spend big to produce drama and some of them were successfully exported abroad.
18. Kim clan is a clan of the most widely used in Korea.
19. Korean language is recognized as the most logical language in the world because of consonants and vowels are easily distinguished. Especially consonant pointing location lips, mouth and tongue.
20. Korean singer Rain is the first international concert held at Madison Square Garden.
21. In South Korea there EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) to help students learn. As TVE in Indonesia.
22. Location filming series / movie taking mostly Korean tourist places in Korea as well as to promote it.
23. The selection of the soundtrack for the serial / film korea is very important, even all the parties involved to determine whether it is appropriate / inappropriate.
24. Many serial / Why Korean movie adaptation of the comic / novel and highly successful
Korea much-loved series because the story and the number of episodes that focus not so much.
25. When the final exam in korea many families encourage their children to be able to pass well.
26. 76% of Korean women aged 20-30tahun had plastic surgery.
27. 25% of mothers in korea sent his son who was aged 12-16 years for plastic surgery.
28. 95% of people in Korea who have eyelid crease is all the result of plastic surgery.
29. In South Korea there are 1200 plastic surgeons, but the amount was deemed to be lacking a lot.
30. The average person spends 30% of his income korea for plastic surgery
In a poll, 70% of men also want plastic surgery.
31. Many Korean woman who changed their eyes get bigger with plastic surgery.
32. Plastic surgery is a natural thing in korea, so it's not a problem if a lot of artists who perform plastic surgery.
33. Women Korean plastic surgery most wanted face like Song Hye Gyo.
34. Cost of plastic surgery in korea 50% cheaper than Japan.
35. 40% of visitors are male plastic surgery clinic.
36. The average Korean man operated the eyes to become larger. There is also a Korean man plastic surgery to shrink her breasts.
37. According to the survey, Korean men who do plastic surgery to his face mean like Jang Dong Gun.
38. Limit teens korea plastic surgery over 14 years.
39. Teens in korea preferred birthday gift of plastic surgery than a car / like.
40. Besides known as the State Ginseng, Korea is also referred to as the Republic of Plastic Surgery.
41. Countries that want to compete in terms of Korean plastic surgery is Thailand. Even thailand made with a type of plastic surgery.
42. South Korea is the most advanced and innovative plastic surgery business.
43. In many Korean magazine ads about plastic surgery and it is not unusual.
44. 50% of women aged 20 years in South Korea had undergone plastic surgery
45. People rarely look at whether his idol korea plastic surgery or not.
46. The place is very easy to find plastic surgery in South Korea.
47. Korean artist to perform plastic surgery is normal and ordinary course in korea.
48. When the long school holidays are usually a lot of Korean students who perform plastic surgery.
49. Pine tree is the tree of love for Koreans because it contains the philosophy of love that is strong, straight and never ending.
50. Nami Island is an artificial island made location filming serial korea



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