Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong dirves the truck at the City Conquest: "Where's that handsome man?"

Kim Hyun Joong recently attracted a lot of women with a photograph of him driving a truck.

Kim driving a truck for a scene in his new drama City Conquest were filming in Japan. It's hard to imagine him driving a mini-truck in the streets of Japan because he always acts as a handsome and rich man.

In a few snapshots of the scene was recently released, Kim was driving the truck, which includes bottles, with shabby clothes and oval face.

Kim's image in the scene is very different from her spectacular scene on a motorcycle that looks manly and skilled.

People responded: "I ​​never saw Kim Hyun Joong like this." "He's still handsome." "Why do not you give me a ride?"

City Conquest produced by the production team plays Iris, and starring Kim, Jung Yumi, Nam Goong Min, Kim Seung Woo and Kim Young Ho.



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