Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong - Letter to His Fans

To. Triple S and! ThanKYU ~

Hi! Is everyone doing well?! I am doing well in the short 4-weeks training~
Oh! I received the letters send by you fans~^^ All thanks to them, it gave me strength and so I am enjoying and doing well~
I am really curious if Pretties are doing well or not! I wanted check out your well-being everyday through SNS but though it is a little frustrating, but I believe that you are definitely doing well^^ Because you’ve always been like that~ Even more so in the future too!^^
I miss you lots~ While in the training, when the training-mates asked me random stuffs, days of debut since 2005 and my members kept coming to my mind~ It is already year 2012..!
And seems like we have been together for really a long time..^^
We will be together in the future too, and making fun memories, beautiful remembrance and precious happiness~^^!
Just only few days have passed but.. I misses the members too.. TT Also misses Pretties..! I have a new feeling towards the meaning of ‘precious’~
The word ‘We’ is not a word that is used meaninglessly..^^ It’s a word that is used really only in the relationship like ours!~ The dongsaengs in my dormitory who are beside me, kept asking me to sing our songs..haha..
Even though I like singing, but I felt shy and embarrassed here.^^~
Aigoo~ It’s a letter which I haven’t wrote for a long time but the contents are inconsistent.. I’m so out of my mind!
Please understand~ I hope Pretties can always be smiling and stay positive~
And looking forward to the smiling days together when we meet again!^^

credits:   www.kyu-jong.com



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